Massive Sasquatch Observed by Pilot Near Kelowna, BC

February 15, 2022 People's Tonight 882 views

Posted: 09 Feb 2022 06:52 AM PST

Sasquatch1A British Columbia pilot observes a massive Sasquatch in the wilderness near Kelowna, BC. His experience made a true believer out of him, as it affected his overall perspective towards the unexplained.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

In the fall of 2015, I was flying in a Cessna 172 quite low over a remote area of wilderness near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. As I was observing the trees, something caught my eye. It literally looked like a ‘tree’ just got up, and started walking down the mountain slope. Then I realized that it was a massive dark creature.

I watched the huge dark creature walking on two feet like a person. I could see the head on top of the shoulders and it had long strides. I likened it to someone walking on an escalator. I got a sense of the magnitude of the strides when it crossed sort of a dirt patch, or something that looked like a natural path the width of a road, even though it was pretty deep into secluded wilderness. ‘IT’ must have cleared the thing in two strides. It kept on walking down the slope like it had somewhere it had to be paying no mind to us circling above. I watched in awe as it eventually got underneath us and out of sight as we continued on west. It was life changing, and perspective changing. I was a different person after. I started to realize the extent of what’s kept from us. My intuition got ‘crazy in tune’ and, I know its weird, but it’s like ‘IT’ or the experience gave me knowledge. ‘IT’ at least inspired me to find truths and become better at spotting lies.

There were weird feelings associated with the experience, again as if I was meant to see it or the only one who could see it. When I landed I told a family member who was already a believer and I thought he was crazy for it. He said there are reported sightings all the time in that area.

As a city boy, 31 at the time, I never gave it much thought. But I sure did after that.

He would casually tell people what I saw and I told him not to. But then I’d be just about to diminish it the experience and, interestingly enough, nobody doubted me. Nobody was surprised. It seemed that everyone knew someone who had an experience. I also spoke to a First Nation man who owned a massive plot of land. He pointed off into this mountain group and said there was a band of them over there he has encountered a few times.

He told me that the juvenile ones can be playful and mischievous. But as often as people say these adults are benevolent creatures, there are a ton of stories to suggest they CAN be VERY dangerous.

A few years ago, I was over at my neighbour’s having a drink with his wife, with another couple, and we decided to discuss whether anybody had experienced any paranormal encounters. I sort of reluctantly brought up my experience and as I was expecting to be ridiculed my neighbour’s wife’s eyes lit up in shock and she started to nod. I could tell she had an experience, though she didn’t want to share it with the group. But later one, when were were alone, she shared how she got a very good look at one from her car off the side of a highway when she was driving her daughter to college in Ontario, Canada. Huge, hairy and hideous is all I can remember her saying. She was definitely not lying, easier to believe when you’ve experienced it yourself. I was a little uncomfortable in the woods for a while after that.” N

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