Marion releases new song under own label

September 12, 2021 Eugene E. Asis 474 views

MARION Aunor is one of the most prolific singer-songwriters of her generation. Starting in the music industry as a multi-faceted pop music artist, Marion has since become a top caliber singer-songwriter. Marion is one of those special breed of music artists who not only is an ace performer, but can also write her own music. But soon enough, she was also writing for other pop acts and since she signed with Viva Records, also came up with some unforgettable theme songs for popular movies such as “Akala” for The Day After Valentine (with more than 27 million streams), “Delikado” from “Just A Stranger” and the most recent, the song “Maganda Kahit Matanda” for the Sharon Cuneta-starrer “Revirginized.” All these and a handful of singles she’s released as a solo artist or on collaborations prove that Marion is indeed one of the most creative acts in Pinoy pop.

Having a record label is something she dreamed of and it has become a reality now with Wild Dream Records..

Marion took a master certificate course in songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston, became a Grammy/Recording Academy member, and joined a number of international songwriting conventions. All of this is in preparation for her next role as head of Wild Dreams.

“I felt like I ought to put my knowledge to good use and support other artists who share the same big dreams and passion for music as myself,” said Marion.

“I went through a lot of names though before ending up with Wild Dream Records. Then one day I saw my sister wearing a shirt that said “Wild Flower” but I figured Wild Dream resonated with me and my goal for the label more,” she shared.

For Wild Dream Records’ first release, Marion is keeping it close to heart. The first single from her label is titled “Kama” – written, recorded and produced by Marion.

The initial goals for the label would be to establish its place in the Philippine music industry, spread awareness of its existence, release some great music, and find artists who dare to dream wild,”

“Kama” by Marion Aunor, the first single on the Wild Dream Records label, has been released on all streaming platforms on September 8, 2021.

TayaLeading movie on Vivamax

THE psychedelic erotic- thriller. ‘Taya’ is now streaming on Vivamax and leads the top 10 Content of the Week. It is considered an all-time record holder for single day views, a triumph for lead stars Sean De Guzman and AJ Raval. It also feature rap artist Pio Balbuena and newcomers Angela Khang and Jela Cuenca who are known as VMX or Viva’s Maximum Crush.
AJ Raval is the busiest among Viva’s stable of sexy stars. She was officially launched in ‘Death of a Girlfriend’ followed by ‘Nerisa’ where her team-up with Sean was formed. She has been christened Queen of Sexy Films but doesn’t feel the tag nor allow success to enter her head.

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GretchenGretchen plays Santa Claus

BEAUTIFUL Girl Gretchen Barretto played Santa Claus to members of the entertainment press by sending a box food of groceries, her gesture of helping out and bringing joy to media people.

The box has the logo of Gretchen making it more personalized.

As expected the recipients posted the unexpected “ayuda” from the former jewel of Seiko Films. They also extend their thanks to colleague Francis Simeon who made sure na lahat ay makatatanggap.

Without a doubt, the tag Darling of the Press now belongs to Gretchen. Some are wishing na may part 2 ito sa Pasko.

Sadly, there are a few who did not get a sack of rice. Siguro, dinaan sa raffle. Still, a million thanks to Gretchen.

Songs to promote love before the year ends

LOVE songs released in the last quarter of the year are the following:

Bandang Lapis returns with their latest ‘hugot’ single “Dating Tayo.” Here, the alternative rock band looks back in retrospect before love leaves the door. It offers mellow melodies and melancholic lyricism that tackles distant fading memories.

Crakky of ALLMO$T is back with a chill-romantic single, “Hanggang Sa Huli.” Released under Viva Records, his new single gives the rush of pure romantic lyricism where he sees himself being married to the person he loves. It also showcases his sultry voice which definitely fits in the genre of his brand new track.

Just when you thought that this is just another romantic tune, then think again. From two emerging rappers, esseca and Liplip teamed up for a new boppy and chill release entitled “PWEDE?.”

Here, the said two rappers tackle the frustration of being accused as a cheater and serves as a reality check of how long-distance relationships work.

Serving us more melancholic emotions, Chandler Manzano returns with a pop-R&B new single, “Paruparo.” According to him, he wrote this song about someone he was seeing before. Filled with guitar riffs and smooth whistles, his new single is full of relatable overshares about having your heart built and broken by infidelity.

Actor-singer-TV personality Janno Gibbs returns to his classic singing roots on his latest single, “Pag-ibig Kong Tunay.” In this track, Gibbs wears his heart on his sleeves as he brings to life the romantic penned verses of Ato Arman. Check out the soul-inflected way he delivers it and how this track portrays love in its purest form.

Alyssa returns with a lullaby-like single, “Lahat” released under O/C Records. Here, the young busker slash singer-songwriter reflects her innate soul and passion through her penned verses that would make her listeners feel at home. With metaphorical senses, “Lahat” portrays a love that is accepting and absolutely showcases the soothing voice of Alyssa. BY REMY UMEREZ