Marcos conquers Asia, Gulf region with 92% — Kalye surveys

February 20, 2022 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 79 views

NUMEROUS Kalye Surveys conducted across Asia and the Middle East showed that Partido Federal ng Pilipinas (PFP) standard-bearer Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. is supported by a majority of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in various parts of the world and leads, by a very wide margin, over other presidential bets.

In the Pulso ng Pilipino worldwide summary, posted by SPLAT Communications on February 17, Marcos has an overwhelming preference of 2,974 or 92.13 percent out of 3,228 respondents from eight countries in Asia and the Gulf Region.

“JUST IN! KALYE SURVEY ASIA! UMULAN NG ITLOG! IYAKAN NA! MATINDING DELUBYO SA KALABAN NI BBM. ANYARE?” was the title used for the video after several candidates posted zero votes in some Asian and Middle East countries in the different Kalye Surveys conducted from October 2021 to January 31, 2022.

Leni Robredo was a far second, with 83 or 2.57 percent; third was Isko Moreno, with 82 or 2.54 percent. In fourth and fifth place were Manny Pacquiao, with 20 or .62 percent, and Panfilo Lacson, with 5 or .15 percent, respectively. The undecided was at 1.98 percent.

The surveys were conducted in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Kuwait, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia.

Marcos posted the highest votes in Macau, getting 62 of the 63 respondents or 98.41 percent.

The remaining respondent chose Pacquiao, while Robredo, Moreno, and Lacson did not get any votes. There was no undecided.

The UniTeam presidential bet posted his second-highest votes in Hong Kong, getting 1,942 of the 2,020 respondents or 96.14 percent. Robredo got 45 or 2.23 percent; Moreno, 18 or .49 percent; Pacquiao, 5 or .25 percent; and Lacson, 0 or 0%. The undecided was .5 percent.

“BBM has a miraculous percentage of 96.14 percent. This is the second highest percentage so far from all the summaries we have gathered. Totally impressive, indeed!” SPLAT said.

“At second place, VP Robredo has a minuscule 2.23 percent. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is third with an appalling .49 percent,” SPLAT added.

In Taiwan, Marcos got 45 or 93.75 percent of the 48 respondents. Leni got 0 or 0 percent; Moreno posted 2 or 4.17 percent; Pacquiao got one vote or 2.08 percent, and Lacson also got 0 votes or 0 percent. There was no undecided.

Meanwhile, there were 209 respondents in Japan, and Marcos got 179 or 85.65 percent of them. Moreno got six or 2.87 percent; Robredo got 11 or 5.26 percent; Pacquiao got three or 1.44 percent, and Lacson got zero votes. At least 4.78 were undecided.

On the other hand, there were 75 respondents in Kuwait, and 58 or 77.33 percent opted for Marcos. Robredo and Moreno were tied in second place, both with four or 5.33 percent each. Pacquiao got one or 1.33 percent, while Lacson got two or 2.67 percent. At least eight percent was undecided.

In Bahrain, 58, or 87.88 percent of 66 respondents, chose Marcos. There was only two or 3.03 percent for Robredo; Moreno, Pacquiao, and Lacson did not get a single vote. Some 9.09 percent was undecided.

At least 442 or 82.16 percent of 538 respondents in Abu Dhabi preferred Marcos. Moreno came second, with 44 or 8.16 percent, while Robredo again dropped to No. 3 with 14 or 2.60 percent. Pacquiao got 5 or .93 percent, while Lacson got two or .37 percent. At least 5.76 percent was undecided.

Lastly, in Saudi Arabia, where there were 272 respondents, Marcos got 250 or 91.91 percent; Moreno got eight or 2.94 percent; Robredo got seven or 2.57 percent; Pacquiao got five or 1.84 percent, and Lacson got one or .37 percent. Undecided was at .37 percent.

“BBM has a commanding percentage. Whether the respondent is high or low in any Asian country, the results are still the same. The sheer domination of BBM is unquestionable,” SPLAT pointed out.

Pulso ng Pilipino is a compilation and summation of all Kalye Surveys results produced by information and statistical data provider Splat Communications, working jointly with consulting firm Simplified Strategic Solutions (SSS).