Isko Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna and MHD chief Dr. Poks Pangan discuss the ongoing giving of booster shots and vaccination of minors. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

Manila won’t divert quarantine facilities yet

November 20, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 235 views

QUARANTINE facilities in Manila that have 870 beds but have been cleared of patients will not be diverted for another purpose until after the holiday season, when there may be transmissions owing to gatherings.

Mayor Isko Moreno announced this Saturday as he bared that the giving of booster shots for 2,541 individuals belonging to the A1 category in the city was a success.

Moreno also said no COVID-related deaths were reported on Friday, November 20, with only 17 new infections recorded.

The mayor warned that despite the waning numbers of COVID infections in the city, the coronavirus continues to be in our midst causing transmissions and even deaths.

In the six city-run hospitals, Moreno said the occupancy rate is only 17 percent while at the Manila COVID-19 Field Hospital, only 15 percent of the 344 beds are now occupied.

Moreno said swab tests will remain free of charge as long as the city can afford it.

The mayor said that 3,022 minors aged 12 to 17 received their first dose on Friday while 181 received their second dose. The total number of minors vaccinated in a two-week period is 71,188.