Isko Mayor Isko Moreno in his live broadcast tells the people they can ask about the vaccine brand at the vaccination site. Photo by JERRY S. TAN

Manila won’t disclose vax brands in advance but gives tip to vaccines

May 21, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 402 views

THE city of Manila will follow the recently-issued government policy disallowing the announcement of brands that will be given ahead of a vaccination day, but assured that the rights of the people to choose the brand they want will still be respected, along with the decision to be jabbed or not.

This, as Mayor Isko Moreno also bared that at least four huge shopping malls in the city will likely be used as additional vaccination sites once the vaccination of those from the A4 category begins.

Stressing he will continue to respect the people’s right to choose the vaccine that will be injected into their bodies while upholding government policy, the mayor gave a tip to the residents, saying they can ask the brand that is being given in a certain vaccination site which is not prohibited under the rules and then decide whether to take the jab or transfer to another site giving another brand which may be their actual choice.

While the city will be in sync and comply with the new national government against the announcement of brands slated for deployment, Moreno said it was never stated that the vaccination of the non-preferred brand is compulsory or that one is obliged to get jabbed whether or not he wants the brand being deployed in the site he queued at that day.

According to Moreno, the city will no longer post the brand but will definitely allow those interested to inquire at the site, saying he believes it is their right to choose.

“Patuloy kong irerespeto ang desisyon ng tao. We cannot deny you that information because it is your right. Pag andun ka na sa pila, ‘di naman pinagbabawal na magtanong ka kung ano dine-deploy sa site na ‘yun kaya malaya pa rin kayo makakapamili. Pwede lumipat, hassle nga lang sa inyo,” the mayor said.

He added: “Di kayo pinagbabawalang pumili ng bakuna sa Maynila sapagkat ako po ay naniniwala, ito naman ay personal kong paniniwala—karapatan ng tao na makapamili ng brand na gusto nya sapagkat katawan nya ‘yun. Katawan mo ‘yan eh. Karapatan mong pangalagaan na ang ituturok sa ‘yo ay kung saan ka panatag at naniniwala.”

Meanwhile, Moreno announced that he has held a meeting with representatives from the Lucky Chinatown Mall, Robinson’s Place, SM Manila and SM Lazaro which have offered the free use of their malls as additional vaccination sites to accommodate more when the A4 category inoculation finally begins, which can be anytime soon.

Moreno said he is just awaiting the implementation guidelines and the vaccine allotment from the national government as he expressed the city government’s readiness to move from the A1, A2 and A3 categories.

He thanked and expressed appreciation that the four mall managers offered their space and the convenience of a spacious and airconditioned venue to be used for vaccination, saying each can readily accommodate 1,000 people, at the very least.

With this development, Moreno said the vaccination sites in Manila will now be 22, since the malls will come as an addition to the 18 sites already in use whenever vaccines become available.

In his May 20 broadcast, the mayor said that the Department of Health messaged him three days ago of a forthcoming allotment but that he has yet to receive them.