Manila Water, Saudi sign US$59M water contract

December 1, 2021 Cristina Lee-Pisco 157 views

THE Manila Water and the Saudi National Water Company signed at least SAR 221 million or approximately US$59 million contract for the improvement of water and wastewater services, making the Philippines a big player in the water management sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Adnan V. Alonto welcomed Melvin John Tan, Chief Operating Officer of the Manila Water Company Inc. to discuss the recently signed “Management, Operation and Maintenance” contract between the Philippine company and the Saudi National Water Company.

The Saudi company entered into this milestone agreement with Manila Water and their partner company Saudi Miahona Alliance, the French group “Saur” to manage the operations and maintenance of water services in the Eastern cluster of Saudi Arabia.

Under the contract, Manila Water will be responsible for the improvement of water and wastewater services, supplying key personnel to manage the cluster, and delivery of 17 enabling projects.