Manila fashion event to redefine city’s culture, Elegance

September 4, 2023 Edd Reyes 94 views

IN line with Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna Pangan and Vice Mayor Yul Servo Nieto’s thrust to redefine the City of Manila’s elegance and culture, the city will soon be hosting the Mr. Manila pageant and the Kultura Manila fashion event.

The Mr. Manila and Kultura Manila, similar to its three-day Manila International Dance Festival (MID Fest), will kick off on September 8.

The event is part of Mayor Pangan’s and VM Nieto’s program to reconnect the Manilenos to its legacy of physical artifacts and the intangible attributes they have inherited from the past.

The Mr. Manila event that will be held on October 20 will redefine the elegance, intelligence, and physique of qualified Manila residents and or working individuals as aspirants will be judged not only in their looks and physique but with their intelligence and wit as well.

The Kultura Manila fashion event that will be held at the historic and redeveloped Jones Bridge on October 8 will highlight the beginnings of Manila’s fashion and its significance as a marker of the Manileños human evolution. The creations of famous Manila fashion designers will be featured in the show.

The event, based on age among other criteria, is open to students who are enrolled in Manila schools, including those residing and working in the city of Manila.