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Man ‘stabs’ gf dead, kills self

March 26, 2023 Edd Reyes 210 views

THE blood-curdling noise of a man and his partner arguing filled the air. The male protagonist was jealous and the object of his rage was defending herself. When the shouting match ended moments later, the neighbors perhaps thought the live-in lovers had kissed and made up. Chillingly, the horrific murder and suicide inside the couple’s home was just starting.

Authorities believe the 50-year-old man killed his live-in partner before stabbing himself to death Sunday in Caloocan City.

The lifeless bodies of Julieta Espaniola, 46, and her live-in partner Edgardo Mananqui, were discovered by barangay officials inside their residence on Phase 4, Package 6, Brgy. 176 Bagong Silang at around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

An initial report received by Caloocan police chief P/Col. Ruben Lacuesta showed that both victims bore stab wounds in their bodies that resulted in their instantaneous death.

Neighbors of the victims told police that the couple had been frequently quarreling due to the man’s intense jealousy.

Before the bodies of the victims were discovered, residents in the area said they overheard the couple’s shouting match Saturday before midnight.

“Posibleng nangyari ang krimen ng Sabado ng gabi o Linggo ng madaling araw, madalas kasi silang mag-away dahil sa pagseselos ng lalaki,” one of the residents said.

Initial investigation showed that Mananqui possibly stabbed and killed his live-in partner before he stabbed himself to death, using the same bladed weapon.