BBM Mayor Jeannie Sandoval with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Malabon City : Mayor Jeannie Sandoval closes the housing gap in Malabon

March 28, 2023 People's Tonight 195 views

MAYOR Jeanie Sandoval delivers her promise to provide decent housing for low income families who have informally settled near the waterways in Malabon.

Through the National Housing Authority, 23 buildings were constructed to provide a total of 1,380 units. The ceremonial awarding was held today with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr who wants to ensure that more Filipino Families are able to move into safe dignified housing.

Each unit at St Gregory homes will have a 24 sq.m floor area. Other developments the beneficiaries can look forward to includes the construction of a clubhouse, a commercial area where the residents can have a livelihood project/cooperative, as well as a market.

Mayor Jeannie has worked tirelessly to shorten the pathways for the most vulnerable families and individuals in Malabon to have a stable and safe home. “Everyone deserves a place they can call home. It is the most basic right and need” said Mayor Jeannie. Having a home is essential for a family to achieve stability, growth, and prosperity ”, added Mayor jeannie

The local government of Malabon through its City Social Welfare Development (CSWD) office will also provide assistance such as livelihood trainings and cooperative formation. This on-site support services will help ensure that the new unit owners will thrive in the community. There is also close coordination with the Malabon Division Office for Student Transfer to ensure that the nearby public schools are able to secure a place for the children of the families who recently transferred.

Under Mayor Jeannie, many more families will see significant improvements from the reforms she is putting in place. Malabon will have a major expansion in its housing program which has long been out of reach for many families.