Maine focuses on the most important people in her life

March 8, 2022 Mario Bautista 666 views

Maine1MAINE Mendoza turned 27 on March 3 and she celebrated it with her fans in “Eat Bulaga”. “But I also celebrated it more intimately with my family and friends and, of course, si Arjo (Atayde, her BF),” she says at the zoom presscon of Buko Channel. “I share it naman sa vlog ko. The biggest gift I got is the gift of having supportive family and friends. And I’m so grateful that we’re now showing the second season of ‘Maine Goals’ sa Buko Channel on Mondays at 8 PM.”

Maine’s show is one of the three shows presented by Buko Channel big boss Mike Tuviera. “We are proud to introduce the second season of “Maine Goals’ and Pokwang’s ‘Kusina ni Mamang’, and the start of a new show, ‘Balita One Nan’, a spoof of serious news na parang ‘Sic O’Clock News’ noong araw which was shown 35 years ago, dealing with current news but with comic touches,” says Mike.

Maine is asked about realizations she had now that she’s 27. “The pandemic helped me realize a lot of things,” she says.

“I now know I have to make time for the important people in my life. So now, I’m maintaining a good work and life balance. I try to find more time for the people I love and I’m so grateful that I continue to get very good projects like ‘Maine Goals’.”

How does Maine feel doing an entire new season for “Maine Goals” with her funny co-hosts, Chammy and Chichi?

“We’re all grateful that we’re given a new season and get to do a new set of adventures,” she says. “Ang ganda ng response sa first season. Viewers realized na marami palang magagawa at mapupuntahan, sa Luzon pa lang yun. Sa new season, we get to explore more. I’m a beach girl and I got to discover a new island, Isla Verde. We get to more know about the island, its people and the marine life conservation they are doing there.”

What else do they have to offer in Season 2? “We did Pageant Goals kasi we’re fans of beauty pageants,” says Chammy. “So kunwari, candidates kami. Ang hirap pala! But it’s unforgettable kasi mas tumaas ang respeto namin at mas lumaki ang paghanga namin sa ating beauty queens dahil sa struggles that they go through during pageants.”

“We also did an episode na naging isang manikurista or nail technician kami,” says Chichi. “It’s nostalgic for me kasi ‘yun ang first job ko bago ako napasok sa showbiz. So now nabalikan ko ‘yun na kasama ko pa ang idol kong si Maine, kaya sobrang nakakatuwa.”

How is it working with her two co-hosts? “Nakakasama ko rin sila sa sitcom na ‘Daddy’s Gurl’ sa GMA but it is in ‘Maine’s Goals’ that we got to know each other better,” says Maine. “Mas kilala na namin ang isa’t isa, so alam na namin sa mga eksena kung kailan kami papasok sa isa’t isa. Magaan at masaya ang samahan namin. Dito kasi, we’re not playing roles, we are just being ourselves, going together through adventures that we’ve not done before and we share our authentic real selves sa viewers.”

How is Season 2 different from Season 1? “Season 1 kasi, parang sobrang bitin sa challenges na ginawa namin. So now, tinutuloy namin ‘yun. Kakaiba ang Season 2 kasi mas exciting. Personally, I discovered I can do a lot of things pala that I thought I cannot do before, and in the process, we try to provide a new kind of entertainment for the viewers. I joined showbiz in 2015 and I’m glad I’m still very much around after 7 years doing innovative shows like ‘Maine Goals’.”