M.I.B.: A Collection of Tales of Extreme Weirdness

June 25, 2021 People's Tonight 322 views

Nick Redfern June 18, 2021

As a follow-up to my previous article on the issue of the Men in Black possibly being thought-forms/Tulpas, I thought today I would share with you yet another story that demonstrates the extreme weirdness the MIB exude. It comes from good friend David Weatherly, who generously let me interview him and share the story. With that said, over to David: “I’ve had several weird encounters in the area around Area 51, on trips out there. One particular time – this was 2014 – I was driving back from a conference in California. I hit Nevada pretty late and I realized that I would take a route that would take me past Rachel and Alamo. So, I would get the chance to stay there for a night. The only thing in the area is the Little A’Le’Inn [a UFO-themed bar]. I called ahead and checked with the guy who ran the little motel there in Alamo. Alamo is a good place to use as a base and sky-watch. He was fine and said to come along to the office and he would have a key there for me. It was a nice night, and with it being the desert, it was still warm. I rolled in – this little town is a speck, you know? There’s nothing there; certainly nothing that stays open much past five o’clock.”

M.I.B1David continued: “I got in, and the motel was just one of those really old strip motels, probably from the sixties. I pulled off and parked my car and there were only a couple of other cars there, in the parking-lot. I got my room-key and came out of the office and closed the door. I had my luggage – a roller – and my laptop, so my hands were full. My room was only a couple doors down from the office. But, as I’m moving towards my room, I see a guy leaning against a car in the parking-lot. It was really odd: he didn’t have a hat on, but he was wearing a black suit and a skinny, black tie – like an eighties tie. He was staring at me; and he wasn’t there a moment before. It really stood out; really strange. He looks at me with this stern look and he says: “There’s not going to be any coffee.” It was so surreal; I was trying to process all the pieces. A couple of funny thing stand out in my mind. He had a military haircut, that black skinny tie, and his shoes were black dress shoes, but they were really shiny. Although he was trying to appear casual, he didn’t seem relaxed. It was like it was forced. There was something very awkward about it. It was only a few steps to my door, so I put the key in and opened the door and I thought: I’m gonna see what this guy’s deal is. I rolled my bag into the room and only had to take a step or two into the room, to toss my laptop onto the bed. And in those few seconds, when I turned around, and looked outside the door, he was gone.”

Weird1There was more to come: “It’s really curious because there’s a handful of weird, little incidents like that out at Alamo. There’s another one that was probably a month later. There’s another hotel there that has cabins; right down the street from the other hotel I was staying at. And it has a restaurant in their building; pretty decent food. I was there with a friend; we were staying in one of the cabins for the weekend. We were going to do some sky-watching with night-vision. We were in the restaurant for lunch and there were probably only three other with people seated – and the staff. These two guys come in: black suits. They have black sunglasses on, no hats. They walked in and they walked the whole restaurant, as if they were looking for someone. But, they also stood out and they looked a little odd. They came back to the center of the restaurant, where we were sitting, and these two guys stopped in the center and one of them, I noticed, had his phone up and was taking pictures of the inside of the restaurant, which, of course, was kind of curious. The other guy says, to no-one in particular, ‘We don’t want any fish in here.’ And, they walked off.”

And, finally from David: “One other time, in 2015, we were out sky-watching near Area 51; late at night. And this van drove out around us, two or three times. Again, this was right around the cabins. There is a circular drive that goes around the cabins, and this van came around; old, a dark green in color. This guy pulled through and on about the third pass he put his window down. And, he had rolled the passenger’s side-window down, as we were on the passenger’s side, too. You couldn’t really see him very clearly, but he stopped and sort of made this proclamation and said: ‘People looking in the sky often see things they shouldn’t see.’ And then he drove away. That was the last we ever saw of him.” Bizarre? Definitely!