LTO clarifies school opening statement

August 25, 2022 Jun I. Legaspi 324 views

THE Land Transportation Office issued a statement on Thursday clarifying its school opening remark on the first day of classes last Monday.

The statement reads:

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) wishes to clarify the issue thrown at the Agency regarding a remark made in relation to the opening of schools last Monday.

It was clear that the statement attributed to the Agency was taken out of context. The Agency only stated its observation on the first day of classes, particularly on the situation where there was noticeable overcrowding of students in front of schools.

Since it was the first day of classes, most of the parents do not know yet their children’s school schedule, hence the students for both morning and afternoon sessions converged at the school for information as to their final class schedule, some of them already at the school even if their children’s classes were not supposed to start until 12 p.m.

Therefore, the Agency only clearly stated the facts. Since the students were in school early, the LTO only expressed its concern about the students’ plight, where some of them, including their parents, had to endure the long wait before they are allowed to attend classes.

As such, the Agency categorically denies that it made any remark for students “not to go too early at school,” and there was never an intention to malign nor criticize the parents’ decision to come to school early.