LTO: CDE accessible to all

November 2, 2021 Jun I. Legaspi 269 views

LAND Transportation Office (LTO) Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante said the LTO has ensured that the mandatory Comprehensive Driver’s Education CDE) required under Republic Act No. 10930 is free and fully accessible to all who are renewing their driver’s licenses (DL).

Per RA 10930 which amended the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, the LTO on Thursday Oct. 28, 2021 began offering the 10-year DL for qualified drivers at its QC Central Office, along with the required CDE and exam for all applicants. This week, the 10-year DL and CDE will be offered in LTO’s NCR offices, and subsequently, rolled out nationwide.

The LTO also introduced a violations monitoring system to encourage all drivers to follow traffic laws. Thus, only DL holders without violations are entitled to the 10-year DL, which is offered at the same price as the five-year DL.

DL holders with violations on record will be limited to a five-year DL renewal, with those having multiple violations required to take additional CDE reviewers.

To give DL holders more time to comply with the CDE training and exam, the LTO has extended the DLs’ validity by two months.

“We intend to disseminate the CDE to all, and enforce the traffic violations system. So we can raise the quality of Filipino drivers and improve road safety,” said Galvante.

But Galvante explained that the CDE requirement would not cause any undue delay and hardship to renewing DL holders, as this is free and readily available through multiple channels.

He explained that the LTO has set up a rich library of videos, slide presentations, and e-books at the e-learning portal of its LTO Land Transportation Management System (LTMS), found at This includes the CDE materials, comprising several videos and slide presentations, and the CDE validation exam.