LTO accepts nat’l ID card, including printed version

December 19, 2022 Jun I. Legaspi 1100 views

THE Land Transportation Office (LTO) said that the Philippine Identification (PhilID) card and the ePhilID card – or “national ID” must be accepted as proof of identity for all LTO transactions.

Acting on reports that certain LTO offices still refuse to accept the PhilID and ePhilID in transactions, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo “Jay Art” Tugade again reiterated the provisions of LTO Memorandum Circular 2021-2272 issued July 2021.

Under the memorandum, all LTO officials and other personnel are directed to honor and accept the PhilID Card and the printed ePhilID when presented by applicants for motor vehicle registration, driver’s/conductor’s license, and student permit application as proof and verification of identity.

The memorandum added that the printed ePhilID “has the same effect as the card as stipulated in the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Advisory dated September 30, 2022.”

He said that any LTO official or personnel who will not accept the PhilID Card and the printed ePhilID shall be penalized based on the provisions of Section 19 of Republic Act (RA) 11055, otherwise known as the “Philippine Identification System Act.”

Penalty for any person or entity under RA 11055 who will refuse to “accept, acknowledge and recognize the PhilID Card as the only official identification of the holder/possessor” without just and the sufficient cause shall be a fine of P500,000.

Likewise, any government official or employee who will commit the same violation shall suffer the penalty of “perpetual absolute disqualification from holding any public office or employment in the government, including any GOCCs (government-owned and controlled corporations) and their subsidiaries.”

“The PhilID serves as a vital part of a single, national identification system so people won’t be burdened anymore with presenting so many ID cards when doing transactions with either private or government institutions. Thus, it is already sufficient proof of identity, so there’s no need to ask for any other ID cards,” said Tugade.