Lovi Poe

Lovi in another movie about infidelity

July 12, 2021 Mario Bautista 1611 views

LOVI Poe and her manager, Leo Dominguez, hosted their own zoom presscon for her new movie with Vivamax, “The Other Wife”, as many writers chose not to go to their face-to-face presscon held in Botejyu Pasig. Even its PR, Ian Farinas, missed that event, still scared of going out because of the new Covid delta variant.

Lovi is currently in Ilocos doing a new movie with Carlo Aquino for Regal Entertainment when she appeared in the zoom presscon. In “The Other Wife”, she plays the wronged wife of Joem Bascon who is so brazen that he even brought his paramour, Ren Escano, to live with Lovi in the same house. She has done several films about infidelity like “The Annulment” and “The Significant Other”. So how is this different from those?

“This is very different kasi it’s not really just about infidelity, it’s a psycho thriller. Actually, when I first got the script, sabi ko, if it’s another illicit affair movie, tama na muna kasi ang dami ko ng nagawang ganyan. Tapos with Joem Bascon pa, na siya ring kapareha ko sa ‘The Annulment’. Hesitant talaga ako noong una, but after reading the script, ibang-iba siya, my character starts as naive and gullible then may arc siya, nagbago siya. It’s an acting piece, so I said I want to do it. It’s not just another affair movie, but that’s all I can say now. I don’t want to spoil it. Basta I gave my all in ‘The Other Wife’ at na-stress nga ako watching myself in this film.”

But why did she accept it when she’s not even playing the title role as it’s Rhen Escano who plays ‘The Other Wife’? “I cannot answer that kasi you have to watch the movie in full to find out why. But Rhen is okay here, and also Joem, so I’m grateful to work with them kasi kaming tatlo lang characters na inikutan ng movie.”

In the trailer, she is shown stabbing someone with a pair of scissors. So is this a violent film?

“You know, what I love about the trailer is it didn’t give away the whole story unlike some movies na, trailers pa lang, alam mo na ang buong nangyari. Here, it just whets the viewer’s appetite for them to feel curious as to what really transpired in the film.”

How is it working with a relatively new director like Prime Cruz? Has she seen his past films?

“I’ve seen his ‘Manananggal’ movie and he’s great. On the set, he’s very straight to the point, but he gives me the freedom to do what I want to do with my character. Very open siya and when he’s happy with what’s we’re doing, he just lets us be in front of the camera.”

How does her boyfriend Montgomery Blencowe react when he’s watching her sexy films?

“He’s very understanding naman. He knows I’m doing a lot of films, so we seldom see each other. But actually, he has never seen my films, except ‘Woke Up Like This’, kasi comedy naman ‘yun. I don’t want him to see me kissing someone else kasi I myself, I find it awkward while I dub my movies with kissing scenes. I close my eyes.”

So what’s her next project with GMA-7 after “Owe My Love”? “Nothing has been ironed out yet. As of now, I’m just busy doing movies, then I have to go back to the U.S. where I just recorded a new song, ‘Lost’.”

How does she feel that her new movie, “The Other Wife”, is just being shown on a streaming channel and not in an actual theater? “I’m sad about it and I wish we could all go back to theaters, but I’m just happy to be able to finish a new film in the midst of the pandemic and it’s being shown in a new platform.”

An edgy kind of model search

2018 MISS Universe Catriona Gray has been chosen as one of the judges in the international modeling competition, SuperModelMe. Produced by Refinery Media, the show’s newest season promises a fresh approach, a more star-studded cast after its first five seasons.

Catriona Gray

The original multi-platform show got several international nominations and has been broadcast in 13 territories globally. Contestants come from Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Themed around female empowerment, this season is titled ‘SupermodelMe Revolution’. It aims to provide a fresh take on the modelling reality competition series: modern, edgy and exemplifies what it means to be a fashion model and female role model today.

In the all-new season, the supermodel hopefuls will face challenges like never before, as they undergo intensive sports and fashion-related tasks, while testing their individual mental and physical resolve in the cutthroat world of fashion. They do this while living together under one roof and going head-to-head against each other. The Revolution series aims to push the models’ boundaries of mind, body and soul through the series.

Only one contestant will win as the ultimate SupermodelMe winner and will go home with a Subaru Ambassadorship, a cover on Harper’s Bazaar and a modelling contract with Storm Model Management. Hosted by supermodel and actress Cindy Bishop, the panel of resident judges includes American photographer Yu Tsai – most famously known for his involvement on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 and Cycle 23, Hanli Hoefer – TV host and emcee, Ase Wang – Singaporean actress, model and entrepreneur, and Catriona Gray – Filipino-Australian model, singer and Miss Universe 2018. This season will also feature task masters Monika Sta. Maria – Filipino model and runner-up of Asia’s Next Top Model (Cycle 3) and Dana Slosar – Thai model and winner of Asia’s Next Top Model (Cycle 6), who will help to mentor contestants and offer them the best advice possible.

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re very excited to bring back SupermodelMe for its Reboot season,” says Karen Seah, founder and executive producer of Refinery Media. “It’s a show that I am personally passionate about and this season, we go beyond the perfect picture, catwalk show or video, to challenge the girls to give their best. Fans can expect much more exciting and challenging moments.We’ve definitely pushed the boundaries of a locally-made, internationally-recognized multi-platform television format into one that is transformative and impactful, both on the fashion industry and the lives of the contestants.”

The Asian premiere of SupermodelMe Revolution is set to air on October 11, 2021, Monday at 7:55pm on AXN Asia, across 10 weekly episodes. More details about the contestants and programming will be released at a later date, follow @supermodelme on Instagram, Facebook or www.supermodelme.tv for the latest updates.