Lizzie Borden House Hiring Ghost Hunter

August 21, 2021 People's Tonight 439 views

August 19, 2021

House1By Tim Binnall

The new owners of the Lizzie Borden House are looking to hire a genuine ghost hunter to lead nightly paranormal investigations at the infamous residence. The home, located in Fall River, Massachusetts, was the scene of a grisly double ax murder back in 1892. The gruesome and mysterious killing of Andrew and Abby Borden as well as the subsequent trial of their daughter Lizzie, who was suspected of having committed the dastardly deed, was a bonafide media sensation at the time and is one of America’s first true crime cases. In modern times, the home has become a tourist attraction by virtue of its dark history and claims that the spirits of the two slain Bordens remain lingering in the residence.

Purchased earlier this year by the company US Ghost Adventures, the Lizzie Borden House has recently begun offering nightly ghost hunts for visitors hoping to encounter the spirits said to still be ‘living’ in the home. According to a listing posted by the group, the part-time job pays $15 to $25 an hour and applicants are required to have one to two years of “experience in paranormal investigation.” Beyond that, they should also possess “extensive knowledge of ghost hunting equipment” as well as “excellent conversational skills with a knack for storytelling.” And, of course, one presumes that they should not be afraid of encountering any ghosts, since their job will be to seek out the spirits every night.