Black Nazarene

Life-size Black Nazarene images not allowed at ‘Walk of Faith’

December 1, 2022 People's Tonight 772 views

THE organizers of the next year’s feast of the Black Nazarene on Thursday reminded devotees not to bring life-size replicas or images that are over two feet at the “Walk of Faith” procession that will be held on Jan. 8, a day before the feast day of the black Jesus Christ.

Alex Irasga, Quiapo Church adviser, said all the elements of celebrating the Black Nazarene feast on Jan. 9 are present except for the traditional procession of the image or Traslacion.

“Our goal is to be able to conduct a ‘Walk of faith” or procession orderly, peacefully and with a high level of piety to affirm the devotion in the faith of our Lord Jesus Nazarene,” he said in a press briefing.

The Nazareno 2023 organizers are expecting the procession to start at 2:00 a.m. and will last for less than two hours after it leaves the Quirino Grandstand.

“We will not allow images that are more than two (2) feet, only allowed are replicas that can be carried by hand. We have already contacted the police that there will be checkpoints on the roads entering the Grandstand and Quiapo and all those who are carrying huge images will not be allowed,” he added.

Before holding the Walk of Faith, Fr. Rufino Sescon Jr., rector of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene (Quiapo Church), will celebrate the midnight Mass on Jan. 8.

They also encourage devotees who will attend the procession to wear face masks, bring alcohol and practice social distancing.

“You can bring a handkerchief, you can bring a candle, wear face masks, bring a disinfectant,” he said.

On the other hand, Irasga said urged devotees to bring all replicas to Plaza Miranda for these to be blessed from Dec. 27 to 29.

“There will be a blessing of images in the morning and in the afternoon,” he added.

On Jan. 9, Manila Archbishop Cardinal Jose Advincula will preside over the feast day Mass at midnight at the Quirino Grandstand.

The image of the Black Nazarene will be at the grandstand starting Jan. 7, 2023. Philippine News Agency