LGUs urged to look into defective fuel pumps of gas stations

January 22, 2022 Jester P. Manalastas 98 views

A lawmaker called on the attention of local executives to launch an inspection on gas stations to determine if there are defective fuel pumps.

Probinsiyano Ako Party-list Rep. Bonito Singson said local government units should conduct regular inspection of gasoline stations to ensure that gasoline pumps are accurately calibrated and do not defraud motorists.

“Gasoline stations that use tampered pumps to defraud motorists should be shut down and their business permits and mayor’s license swiftly revoked,” he said.

Once found guilty of violating the law, Singson proposed to them to file criminal charges.

Citing a memorandum issued in 2004 by the Department of Interior and Local Government, Singson stressed that LGUs are enjoined to “guarantee that all gasoline stations within their area of jurisdiction” are visited to make sure that they do not sell fuel using defective gasoline pumps.

The same order, Singson said calls on the concerned LGUs to determine compliance of the gasoline stations to the provisions for fair business practices under current laws protecting consumers.

Mayors are asked to “institute/cause the institution of appropriate charges against those erring establishments and/or suspend or revoke the licenses or permits” the LGU issued for the business operation of the station.

“Gasoline operators who shortchange their customers who are already facing a double whammy of adverse economic effects of COVID-19 and soaring fuel prices are the worst of people. They should be kicked out of business and jailed,” Singson stated.

Local executives are also asked to coordinate with the Department of Energy in the conduct inspection.