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Leni to claim ‘cheating’ in May polls

April 7, 2022 Lee Ann P. Ducusin 721 views

DESPERATE to win at all costs, the camp of trailing presidential bet Leni Robredo is now in the last stage of their preparation to launch massive cheating on May 9 after realizing that their ploy to condition the minds of the Filipino people has failed miserably.

A leaked text message dated March 21, 2022, purportedly sent by a certain Rose Zamora and being passed around to their hardcore members reeks of a deliberate ploy to condition the minds of the voters that Leni is poised to win the presidential race but will be cheated, hence, the need to take extra-constitutional efforts to ensure their victory.

“We’ve been having discussions with PPCRV, NAMFREL, and other key stakeholders. There is a growing consensus, not just a concern anymore, that there will be massive cheating without a doubt by the Marcos-Duterte group. In spite of all efforts by well-meaning civil society groups, poll watchdogs, and advocacy groups,” Zamora said in her message.

“All conditions are in place in order to stage massive cheating. I don’t have to elaborate that. You all know what I’m talking about,” she continued.

And as if to emphasize their collective desperation, Zamora told her cohorts, “We’re contemplating that perhaps we ought to deliberately prepare for a repeat of the 1986 EDSA people power.”

To get her point across, Zamora said the plan and the sentiment to stage a desecration of the election was “shared by the top-level leadership of PPCRV, NAMFREL, as well as my other advocacy group, and a group of retired and active military and police officers, one of which was their member.”

A notable political analyst who asked not to be named said Zamora’s call to action, which obviously had the imprimatur of Robredo, is preposterous at best and ludicrous at most.

“Why should the Marcos camp initiate cheating when all indications show that he is winning by a mile? This is a desperate move to enforce their will on the people who have decided that enough is enough for the Dilawans, or whatever they call themselves,” the analyst, who also teaches political science in a top-four university, said.

The source said the plan to stage another “people power revolution” is no longer sellable and comical ‘because the Filipinos have learned their lesson and would not support such dastardly act.”

“Kumita na ‘yan. Ngayon lang ako nakarinig na ‘yung nangunguna ang mandaraya at ‘yung kulelat ang umaangkin na sila ang panalo. Nakakatuwa talaga magisip ang mga handlers ni Leni,” he said.

The analyst reminded Filipino voters to be vigilant and ensure the safeguard and sanctity of the ballots “because there are evil people out there who wish to trample our sacred right to choose our leader.”