Leaked sex scandal leads to a woman’s nightmare in ‘Iskandalo’

March 24, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 3045 views

Iskandalo2A young woman’s leaked sex scandal leads to everyone’s worst nightmare.

Lies after lies, secrets after secrets, be a witness to the dark story of lost souls and their scandalous lives as they become the talk of the town with Iskandalo.

A 10-part Vivamax Original Series, it follows the story of Patricia (Cindy Miranda), a detective who wants to climb the ladder to prove her late father’s innocence and Em (AJ Raval), a social media celebrity who is bashed when her sex video with a mysterious man becomes viral.

As Patricia gets deeper into Em’s scandalous case, she is also able to connect several people, some dear to her — Em’s ex (Sean de Guzman), an avid fan (Ayanna Misola), Patricia’s best friend (Jamilla Obispo), a congressman (Jay Manalo), a senator (Joonee Gamboa) and Em’s parents (Carlene Aguilar and Arnold Reyes.)

Join Patricia as she unravels the loopholes of the case and discovers a deep connection to her late father’s case.

Starring Cindy and AJ, Iskandalo will surely lead the weekly Vivamax charts with its steamy scenes and breathtaking revelations helmed by the cult-director of Vivamax chart toppers Taya, Siklo and Hugas, Direk Roman Perez Jr.

Iskandalo also stars some of our favorite Vivamax stars — Sean, Jamilla, Jay and fast rising sexy actresses Angela and Ayanna.

Will justice be served for Patricia and Em? Or will their thorough search for answers lead to more questions?

From Viva TV, a Vivamax Original Series is about to make raves as we uncover every exposé with Iskandalo, streaming on Vivamax starting April 10, with fresh episodes every Sunday.