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Lay group lends voice to outcry against divorce

June 24, 2024 People's Journal 127 views

A Catholic lay organization has joined calls against divorce which has been approved by the House of Representatives.

In a manifesto released on its 43rd anniversary on Saturday, the group Couples for Christ (CFC) said numbers do not make a policy stronger.

“The rest of the world has chosen to adopt a divorce law. However, sheer numbers are not an indication of stronger and truer beliefs but rather a reflection of human weakness. They do not reflect the fortitude that God has promised to those who follow His word,” it said.

The Lower House approved House Bill 9349 or the Absolute Divorce Act on May 22 with a slim margin of 126 to 109, with 20 abstentions.

Instead of divorce, the group rallied for strong implementation of existing laws concerning family relations.

“We strongly urge our country’s leaders not to weaken the marriage bond but instead to work more aggressively to strengthen the family,” the CFC said.

“Supporting and working for the more vigorous implementation of the Philippine Family Code is a more viable option by which to elevate our people into a society of law-abiding, and emotionally stable citizens.”

CFC is composed of over 900,000 members in 160 countries, with 800,000 in the Philippines alone. Philippine News Agency