Lax Crame jail security?

October 12, 2022 Alfred P. Dalizon 133 views

Ask cop who complained to Sen. Raffy

POLICE officials have called on Senator Raffy Tulfo to lead proposals and look for more funds needed to hire more policemen that will help ensure the protection of the public 24/7 on an 8-hour duty only, the Journal Group learned on Wednesday.

“It’s time for the good senator to help us find the funds needed to have 634,000 policemen in the country, which is ideal [for filling] in the 1:5 policeman for every 500 citizens ratio in our country working on an 8-hour duty only,” said a police general on condition of anonymity.

The official explained that, in reality, around 216,000 uniformed policemen need to work overtime, meaning a 12-hour duty to protect the public round-the-clock.

If there were three duty shifts or 8-hours a day of work, the ideal number needed for the 1:500 cop-population ratio would be some 654,000 policemen.

The official said that it means they have to recruit more than 400,000 additional policemen who will be working 8 hours a day daily and ensure the ideal police-to-population ratio.

Other police officials echoed the general’s statement as the neophyte lawmaker came to the defense of a Camp Crame policeman who complained that he and his colleagues were being required to work 12 hours a day instead of 8 hours only.

The policeman identified by his superiors and subordinates as one “Patrolman Torres” last month complained to Sen. Tulfo that he and his fellows assigned at the PNP Headquarters Support Service in Camp Crame are being required to work for 12 hours a day.

In his “Wanted sa Radyo” program, Sen. Tulfo said that the policeman, whom he identified only as “Eric, ” complained to him that his 12-hour duty prevented him from seeing his family.

The senator also threatened PNP-HSS director, Colonel Mark D. Pespes, that he will call for a Senate investigation and will file charges against the PNP-HSS head and his fellows if he found out that they would be “punishing Eric” for airing his complaint before him.

Sen. Tulfo’s heavy criticisms of the PNP-HSS director’s policy on 12-hours duty prompted a change in the HSS men’s duty schedule from 12-hours to 8-hour duty only.

As a consequence, a lack of personnel prevented the ideal “buddy-buddy” system at the maximum-security PNP Custodial Center. It was best illustrated last Sunday morning when a lone HSS personnel, Corporal Roger Agustin was attacked by three jailed extremists who tried to bolt the compound. One of the prisoners held hostage ex-Sen. Leila M. de Lima before he was shot and killed by Pespes.

Before, there was two HSS personnel serving the meals of the inmates. Adequate number of officers are also assigned to the jail’s five towers. Last Sunday, a lone tower guard identified as Patrolman Lorenze Ian Matias used his sharpshooting skills to kill two of the extremists who stabbed Cpl. Agustin with improvised knives before smashing his head with stones.

The police general said they had learned that “Pat. Torres” is an indie film actor who has been the subject of complaints for failing to do his sentry duties in the past effectively. He claimed that they are looking into the possibility that the cop complained as his 12-hour duty has prevented him from doing his other job.

The official said they have learned from many of his classmates that “Pat. Torres” had cited his “spinal problem” as the reason why he literally skipped their daily runs during their training. The same reason was given by the cop when he joined the PNP Band before.

“It’s just a matter of choosing your real profession. Either you perform your duties diligently or look for another job that will give you a monthly P30,000 salary while being allowed to wear a policeman’s uniform and carry a gun,” the general said.