Las Vegas UFO Crash Is Real, Claims Man Worked For NYPD: 10-Foot Alien Terrified Witness

June 21, 2023 People's Tonight 2267 views

By Vicky Verma

Another historic extraterrestrial event has happened in the United States that will be debated in the UFO community until the truth comes out. On May 1, 2023, an object in the sky was noticed by several people in eastern California, Nevada, and Utah, which was later reported to be crashed including the alleged sighting of peculiar creatures in a residential backyard.

The incident shares similarities with other extraordinary cases from around the world, involving crashes, encounters with strange beings, and puzzling elements that defy explanation. Such stories can be easily called hoaxes, as happened with the Las Vegas crash. But independent investigative journalist and former police officer Doug Poppa shed light on his involvement in the case and provided additional information about the crash incident, according to which it is not a hoax.

Crash Incident

Both the police and news investigators took the incident seriously from the outset. Just before midnight on April 30, 2023, numerous skywatchers across multiple Western States observed a bright fireball streaking across the heavens. Around the same time, a police officer captured footage of the colorful object on his body camera, and a nearby ring camera recorded an unusual sound resembling a crash.

Crash1A fireball recorded in the camera that crashed in Las Vegas on May 1, 2023. Credit: 8newsnow

On May 1, 2023, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a distressing call from a terrified family. In a ranch-style home close to the crash site, a family, consisting of two brothers and their father, was engaged in vehicle repairs in their yard. Suddenly, they caught sight of a sparkling object hurtling toward the ground, followed by what they described as a shockwave.

Witness Account

One of the witnesses, a 16-year-old teenager named “Angel,” reported that the area where the object landed appeared obscured and blurry, almost as if concealed by an unknown form of camouflage. Their curiosity led them to peer into the yard, where they were confronted by a sight that prompted them to urgently contact emergency services. They described the creatures as large, measuring between 9 and 10 feet tall, with notable features such as big eyes and shiny, non-human mouths. Angel emphasized their alien-like appearance, unable to find adequate words to describe them.

Angel presents video evidence from police body cameras and a nearby ring camera, providing glimpses of the incident. The footage, albeit blurry, captures the intensity of the event and supports Angel’s account. He highlights specific moments in the videos where the creature is barely discernible but clearly present, further validating his claims.

Describing the creature in detail, Angel recollects its tall and slender frame, sporting a gray-greenish hue. When he locked eyes with it, his body froze, reminiscent of sleep paralysis experiences.

The creature had distinctive features, including peculiar feet, a large face with eyes, and a sizeable mouth. Angel recalls the creature’s loud, deep breathing, which resonated with his entire being.

Overcoming the temporary paralysis, Angel sprinted toward the safety of his house, urgently dialing 911 to report the unearthly encounter. The 911 call records his distress and desperation, as he tries to convey the presence of two enormous, non-human entities in his backyard. Meanwhile, a cacophony of footsteps and whispered voices echoed in the background, further amplifying the sense of unease.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro Police) initially contemplated sending a crisis intervention team to assist the shaken witness. However, upon receiving further information from other officers, they treated the incident seriously. Two officers arrived at the scene 38 minutes after the distress call, exercising caution and even managing nervous laughter.

The officers ventured into the backyard, discovering a perfectly formed circular impression on the ground, mysterious aftermath of the encounter.

Several days later, two Metro sergeants returned to the location to conduct follow-up inquiries. The family also claimed to have observed individuals in suits and sunglasses driving a government-plated car slowly past their house. However, Nellis and Creech, nearby military installations, denied any involvement or interest in the incident.

As the officers conducted their investigation, one of them expressed his own astonishment, stating that his partner had witnessed a similar light falling from the sky. This newfound validation encouraged the officers to take the situation seriously, engaging in further inquiries and canvassing the neighborhood for additional witness accounts.

Remarkably, before departing, one officer advised Angel that if he ever encountered the creatures again, he should refrain from contacting the police and instead protect himself by any means necessary. This chilling advice underscores the gravity of the situation and the officers’ own apprehension.

With the police’s departure, Angel and his family retreated indoors, seeking solace in prayer. However, their respite was abruptly shattered when an unnerving, human-like scream pierced the night from the backyard. The harrowing experience left the family shaken, questioning the nature of the events that unfolded before them.

Las Vegas Story is Not Hoax

Doug Poppa has been closely following the story of the mysterious object falling from the sky and the subsequent claims of encounters with aliens in a Las Vegas backyard. He was the first person to interview the family involved in the incident. Poppa conducted an interview with the family who made the initial call to the police, and they informed him that the law enforcement authorities installed surveillance cameras outside their home to protect them from UFO enthusiasts.

Note: Poppa is an independent investigative journalist. He has authored more than 160 articles on the 2017 Las Vegas Massacre that were published by the Baltimore Post-Examiner. He is a former NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer, U.S. Army Military Police veteran, and former law enforcement officer. In 1986, he was the LCSO Criminal Investigator of the Year. He served 18 years in the Las Vegas hotel-casino industry as an investigator and Director of Security and Surveillance and worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

While Poppa remains somewhat skeptical about the incident, he acknowledges that the family appears to be credible. In his tweet, he sarcastically questioned the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s disbelief in the video camera surveillance system he recorded at the residence, emphasizing the extensive measures taken by the Technical and Surveillance Squad.

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According to local TV channel 8 News Now, an officer’s camera captured the object at around 11:50 PM local time, following a report from a resident about a non-human presence on their property. In an audio recording obtained by the TV channel, the homeowner described an eight-foot figure and another entity with big eyes inside their house, emphasizing that the beings were still present.

Poppa expressed his surprise at the police installing expensive video equipment to respond to a UFO report, stating that it is unusual for law enforcement to take such measures in such cases. His doubts and observations contribute to the ongoing intrigue surrounding the incident, raising questions about the authenticity and nature of the reported encounters.

During one of the interviews, Doug Poppa observed a peculiar occurrence. While interviewing Angel, the teenager who recorded YouTube videos about the incident, there was a mysterious female voice on the phone with Angel, instructing him to obtain Doug Poppa’s license plate. This strange interaction added an intriguing element to the investigation.

In an interview with News Nation on June 15, 2023, Poppa confirms that he recently spoke with the family and shared his experience with them. He mentions that Angel has been facing intense scrutiny and backlash on social media. The family, being Hispanic, has also received threats and derogatory comments. Poppa expresses his disappointment and highlights the need for respect and understanding.

Poppa emphasizes that three members of the family, including Angel, his brother, and their father, witnessed the strange creatures. He points out that during his interactions with the family, their accounts remained consistent, which he finds significant in assessing their credibility. As an experienced investigator with 40 years of experience, Doug Poppa made efforts to gauge the authenticity of their claims but found no reason to doubt their story.

Regarding evidence, Doug Poppa mentions that Angel posted a video on his YouTube channel, but many people have criticized and analyzed it extensively. He notes that the Baltimore Post-Examiner was the first to publish a photo of the impression left in the soil, which Angel captured on the night of the incident. Additionally, Poppa obtained a photograph from Angel showing two sergeants from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who allegedly returned to speak with the family a few days after the initial incident.

Doug Poppa also discusses the installation of surveillance cameras on the family’s roof. These cameras were reportedly installed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Homeland Security division for the family’s protection. However, Poppa finds it peculiar that the cameras had been removed a few days before he returned to the residence on May 27th.

Poppa highlights the ongoing investigation and the need for further verification of certain aspects, such as the location of the ring camera mentioned in social media posts. He expresses his commitment to continuing his investigation into the incident and implies that there is more to uncover.

To be noted: According to NASA’s planetary defense officer Lindley Johnson, the green fireball observed in Las Vegas last month was most likely a bright meteor less than a meter in size and not a UFO that fell in anyone’s backyard. Johnson clarified that the object was high in the atmosphere and hundreds of miles away from Las Vegas when it was spotted, so nothing from the meteor landed in anyone’s backyard. He explained that NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) captures reports for objects estimated to exceed 1 meter in size based on the observed energy released. Therefore, smaller objects like the green fireball may not be included in NASA’s records. (Source)