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Land for landless farmers

May 22, 2024 Mario Fetalino Jr. 133 views

FARMERS, especially those tilling lands they don’t own, have something very important to look forward to while President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is in Malacanang.

And it’s one they should celebrate for.

Recognizing the urgency of providing farmlands to landless farmers in the country, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. sees the need for the land reform program of the government to be completed under his term.

Landless farmers have waited long enough to benefit from the program.

They deserve to finally have lands they could call their own.

During the distribution of Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) and land titles to nearly 4,000 farmers in Central Visayas recently, the Chief Executive pointed out the program was initiated many years ago by the government led by his father former President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

He said the program started when his father was still president and the grandfather of today’s DAR Secretary Conrad Estrella was head of DAR decades ago.

The two, according to the President, were ones behind the program.

So when President Marcos and Secretary Estrella started serving in their posts, they wondered why farmers are still waiting for the lands promised to them by the program.

One farmer now at 101 years old has been waiting for 30 long years.

President Marcos told Secretary Estrella: “Kako naman, mumultuhin tayo ng lolo mo at saka ng tatay ko (former President Marcos Sr.) pagka hindi natin ginawa ito. Kaya’t siguro naman, ay sabi ko karapat-dapat lang ito ay dapat tapusin sa pangalawang administrasyon na Marcos.”

And the President is not wasting his time.

He starting to finish what needs to be completed.

The Chief Executive personally distributed CLOAs and land titles to nearly 4,000 farmers in Central Visayas.

A total of 3,855 CLOAs and land titles covering around 2,867 hectares of land were distributed to farmers in Region 7.

The distribution of CLOAs and land titles showed the administration’s affirmation to strengthen farmers’ rights and protect their welfare as stated under Republic Act 11953, or the New Agrarian Emancipation Act.

President Marcos said the New Agrarian Emancipation Act will free Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) from their debts.

In Region 7, President Marcos said the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has already provided 4,614 hectares of land this year.

The DAR has already distributed a total of 15,163 hectares of land to 9,549 ARBs nationwide.

The figure is more than 65 percent of the annual target of 23,216 hectares of land to be distributed this year.

President Marcos said there are still a lot of farm lands to be distributed in Central Visayas and in the whole country.

Aside from distributing the CLOAs and land titles, President Marcos also distributed P17.5 million in agrarian equipment to around 3,268 beneficiaries in Central Visayas.


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