Loreto Amante Laguna 3rd District Rep. Loreto Amante. Photo by GIL AMAN

Laguna vows to regulate AI tech

June 19, 2023 Gil Aman 707 views

SAN PABLO CITY, Laguna – Laguna 3rd District Congressman Loreto Amante is set to announce the initiative to promote the regulation of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) in his district of Laguna to protect the interest and safety of the citizens here.

“As the representative of the 3rd district of Laguna, I recognized the need for regulation and vigilance in the use of AI in the community,” said Amante in a press briefing held by his office.

At the same time, he expressed his intention to promote regulations and policies to protect citizens from the possible danger and abuse that this technology can cause. “Change is inevitable, and it is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually make its presence felt in the 3rd district of Laguna.”

“While we may not witness its immediate impact today, we must acknowledge that AI integration is on the horizon, and it is essential that we prepare ourselves early,” said Amante.

The district of Laguna is known for being the “center of industry and technology,” where many companies and businesses are potentially using AI to increase their production and have better services.

However, according to Amante, some aspects require regulation and adjustment to ensure the proper use and protection of citizens.

One of the aspects that the Laguna solon will discuss is the protection of citizens’ data privacy.

In the era of digital transformation, AI can be used to collect, store, and process deep information about people.

The regulation of AI is important to ensure that sensitive information is safe and not tainted by any kind of abuse or violation of privacy.

Apart from this, Amante also shows a desire to safeguard the security and safety of citizens by “adjusting” the rules for AI in transportation.

With the proliferation of autonomous vehicles and other AI-connected technologies, it is important to have clear regulations and standards to prevent accidents and other incidents that could cause harm to passengers and communities.

As part of his advocacy, Amante will support conducting consultations with experts, the technology sector, and community members to find out their needs and observations.

This is part of his goal to develop comprehensive laws and regulations related to AI to ensure the positive development of the third district of Laguna.

Through his advocacy of AI regulation, Amante hopes that Laguna’s 3rd district will become a “model” for the proper use of technology and become a safe and progressive community for all citizens.

“While the exact timeline of AI’s arrival may be uncertain, let us not delay our preparations. Together, we can build a district that harnesses the potential of AI and paves the way for a prosperous and inclusive future for all,” he added.