Lacson confident Cebu voters will prefer experience over popularity

December 9, 2021 Joel dela Torre 283 views

AFTER a visit to Cavite, the tandem of Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson and Senate president Vicente “Tito” Sotto will head to another vote-rich province Cebu for consultation activities as the Partido Reporma’s one-two punch expressed confidence they will get the nod of the Cebuanos.

In a virtual press conference Thursday (December 9), Lacson said he believed that the people of Cebu will not buy popularity but experience which he and running mate Sotto have clear edge among other presidential bets.

Lacson and Sotto will fly to Cebu Friday (December 10) for a couple of activities regarding their candidacies two months ahead of the formal campaign period which starts on February 8.

Cebu is considered as the top vote-rich province with some 3.3 million voters followed by Cavite with at least 2.1 million and Pangasinan with 1.9 million.

Lacson comes from Cavite and Sotto’s family is from Cebu.

According to the veteran lawmakers, Cebu is not only very important but also critical speaking of voting population as they try to solidify their position in this province oftenly wooed by politicians.

“Sa tingin ko sa haba ng public service namin na kung saan ay duon nakatuon lagi ang ating plata porma, . . . ” part of Lacson’s transcript said.

Not only that, the former chief of the national police also mentioned that it is very important to him to visit the province which once named him “adopted son of Cebu.”

Lacson recalled during his younger police days when he and his group went through a very dangerous operation where a member of the prominent Gaisano clan was kidnapped and they rescued safely with no ransom money released.

The former top cop said he was consistent with his stand not to accept the reward money offered to them saying ” we only did our duty.”

He even said to himself, “pag eto sumalto, hindi na ako magpapakita sa Cebu.”

Good enough, the operation he added, went in their favor.

For his part, Sotto whose family in the father side hails from Cebu, emphasized the importance of solidifying Cebu in their run for the top two positions of the government.

“Cebu is not only important but also critical. . . kung pwede lang ma-solid ito. . sana,” the Partido Reporma’s vice presidential bet said.