Laborer killed in quarry operation in Liliw, Laguna

August 3, 2022 Gil Aman 208 views

A 35 year old laborer was killed after he shot three times in his head by unidentified gunman Tuesday afternoon while the victim was 9along the shore of the river in a quarry operation in Bgy. Mojon ,Liliw,Laguna.

Laguna Provincial Information officer (PIO) PMajor Rohaina Itones Asalan said the slain victim identified as Dennis Divinagracia, also resident of the aforementioned barangay.

Initial investigation revealed said that the shooting incident transpired within the vicinity of the river at about 12:30 in the afternoon.

Police said Divinagracia after he eat his lunch was going to shore at the river but unfortunately the unidentified armed suspect suddenly arrived.

The said suspect using of unknown caliber gun shot immediately the head of the victim 5at closed ranged that resulted to his instantaneous death.

Laguna Provincial Forensic Unit (LPFU) arrived in the crime scene for processing the incident.

Liliw police is conducting follow up operation for possible identification and even the motives of the incident.