Ecopark Under the stewardship of Manila Water Foundation (MWF), the La Mesa Ecopark opens on June 29. La Mesa Ecopark will feature spaces for environmental learning and leisure activities, a viewing deck pavilion, and food park. Additionally, eco-tours can be arranged to include an experience at the La Mesa Ecopark Museum.

La Mesa Ecopark opens on June 29

June 18, 2024 People's Tonight 150 views

MANILA Water Company (MWC), in partnership with the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) and the Quezon City Government, will soon open the first phase of the La Mesa Ecopark to showcase flora and fauna in the city and encourage visitors to care for the environment and take climate action.

Under the stewardship of Manila Water Foundation (MWF), the La Mesa Ecopark opens on June 29. Although this coincides with the close of the Philippine Environment Month, the date marks the beginning of a renewed journey of the Ecopark as an environment hub.

La Mesa Ecopark will feature spaces for environmental learning and leisure activities, including picnic spots and team-building areas. Families and groups can relax and spend time at the viewing deck pavilion and the food park. Additionally, eco-tours can be arranged to include an experience at the La Mesa Ecopark Museum.

With more spacious areas, the walkways and road networks of the 33-hectare Ecopark were also upgraded to enhance accessibility for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Parking areas have been expanded to accommodate more vehicles. Moreover, a nursery area has been established where plant enthusiasts, or “plantitos” and “plantitas,” can purchase seedlings.

Staying true to its mission, MWF revitalized the handwashing and sanitation facilities and introduced refrigerated drinking fountains within the park. This effort underscores their commitment to providing water access, sanitation, and hygiene to all communities.

A new feature of the Ecopark is BiodiverCity: Biodiversity in the city.

Experience BiodiverCity

The rehabilitated La Mesa Ecopark is set to become a destination of choice for eco-learning with its tailor-fit group tours. By first learning more about the vibrant flora and diverse fauna, the tour hopes to ignite environmental consciousness for watershed and biodiversity conservation, and forest protection, leading to climate action.

The La Mesa Ecopark Management is committed to contribute to several UN Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs: SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), and SDG 15 (Life on Land). Manila Water Foundation President Jocot de Dios invites everyone to climate action: “Join us in our mission to achieve net-zero and heal the planet by adopting sustainable practices and maintaining an eco-friendly environment. La Mesa Ecopark stands as a living testament that we can live in harmony with nature, safeguarding its ecosystems in the process.”

Wonder. Wander. Wow.

Harmoniously blending with the La Mesa Ecopark’s amenities, visitors will be delighted to observe small animals, colorful birds and plant species interacting among the foliage and trees in this urban sanctuary.

In a recent study by the Center for Conservation Innovation, the La Mesa Ecopark is home to more than 30 small animal species, 130 plant species and 53 bird species including the Philippine Eagle- Owl, Philippine Pied Fantail, and the Ashy Trush. A star resident, the Rough-crested Malkoha—found only in Luzon—will be the new face of the La Mesa Ecopark logo. The logo will also feature natural elements inspired by the work of National Artist Architect Francisco T. Mañosa in the La Mesa Ecopark.

Synergy in Partnerships

With the generous sponsorship of its institutional partner, Bloomberry Cultural Foundation Inc. (BCFI), the social development arm of Solaire Resort & Casino, and in partnership with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), La Mesa Ecopark receives significant contributions for advancing the rehabilitation and construction works of Phase 1 as aligned with the master development plan led by the renowned architect and urban planner Paulo Alcazaren. These collective efforts mark a significant step towards ecological sustainability.

Exciting new amenities for groups and families to look out for at La Mesa Ecopark include the environmental canopy or boardwalk, beautifully landscaped flower hill and amphitheater, a revamped lagoon perfect for fishing, wetland habitat and butterfly garden, children’s playground, additional infrastructures for learning hubs, eco-lodging for overnight stays, spaces for outdoor cooking, biking and hiking trails and a campsite to be rehabilitated by the Quezon City Government.

The comprehensive upgrade will also involve fixing the internal water reticulation systems, pipelaying and drainage canals, power lines, adding renewable energy facilities like solar panels, and creating and developing nature trails. All these enhancements are scheduled to be completed by 2025, transforming La Mesa Ecopark into an even more inviting and sustainable destination.

Ecopark Entry

An online ticketing system will be launched to manage the number of visitors to the park. Visitors must complete a reservation form available soon on the Manila Water Foundation’s official website: Each visitor must present a confirmation email at the entrance gate.

Entrance for QCitizens will be free and certain program offerings will have a minimal fee. The La Mesa Ecopark activities include wall climbing, paintball games and archery tag. Team building facilitation for large groups will be available. Details and packages for these activities will be announced soon.

Operating hours of the La Mesa Ecopark will be from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Tuesdays to Sundays. To allow for regular maintenance works, the La Mesa Ecopark is closed every Monday.

News and updates on the La Mesa Ecopark will be posted on its new and official social media accounts:,, and