Kris, tinawag na ‘badass’ ng doktora sa Amerika

August 10, 2023 Vinia Vivar 151 views

Kris1Kris2Kris3May bagong update si Kris Aquino sa Instagram ngayong Thursday, August 10.

Aniya, natapos na niya ang 2nd dose ng kanyang biological injectable para pababain ang kanyang IgE (immunoglobolin E).

“I chose the midpoint between my mom’s 14th death anniversary and my dad’s upcoming 40th death anniversary to THANK ALL OF YOU who continue to PRAY for my recovery.

“My dad immediately died after being shot while descending the stairs to the tarmac of what was then Manila International Airport, 21 August 1983. My Mom died of Stage 4 colon Cancer on 1 August 2009. Upon initial diagnosis our mom was given 3 months BUT she fought hard, knowing her 5 kids weren’t ready. Our Mom underwent all the most painful treatments and God granted us 17 more months. It’s been 17 months since my Churg Strauss/EGPA diagnosis.

“Dr. Malika Gupta gave me my 2nd dose of a biological injectable (unfortunately not available in the 🇵🇭) to help lower my very high IgE (please google, BORING sa haba kung i-define ko)…,” pahayag ni Kris.

Inilarawan niya kung gaano ka-painful ang naturang injection na thankfully ay nakakaya naman niya.

“She calls me a ‘bad-ass’ because kinakaya ko even though malapot at mahapdi yung ini-inject at malalim kailangan ibaon yung prefilled high tech syringe.

“Yes, matapang na ko sa halos lahat ng kailangan pagdaanan at mataas ang pain tolerance ko. It’s the AFTERMATH, 72 hours feeling kagaya nung bigat after a Covid vaccine but x3. Yes, parang 3X akong na Pfizer or Moderna. This will be every other week, optimistically for me to reach “remission” over the next 10 to 12 months,” aniya.

“Every other Tuesday, it’s both my biological injectable PLUS methotrexate (my chemotherapy medication taken 1x/week, being used as an immunosuppressant to help me reach remission for 3 of my autoimmune conditions),” pagbabahagi pa niya.

And at the end of the post is a good news.

“Thank you because our prayers are being answered- my last blood panel showed improvement- it’s slow progress, i have a long way to go…” Kris shared.

“It’s likely that after a few months another medication will be introduced to my body by UCLA’s Dr Belperio- BUT I AM, against all odds (because of all my limitations with medicinal options), FINALLY, ON THE CORRECT PATH TO REMISSION and A BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. Thank you to all. THANK YOU, GOD. #faith,” patuloy niya.

Pero kasunod nito ay nilinaw muli ni Kris na walang cure sa kanyang autoimmune disease.

“Clarification: autoimmune disorders have NO CURE, but life threatening damage on the patient’s organs can be prevented or managed if diagnosed early and/or given the proper treatment,” she stated.