Kit unsure whether gay co-actor too advantage of him or not

September 29, 2021 Mario Bautista 1485 views

KIT Thompson once went missing from showbiz when he went to the United States. “I went to New York then Los Angeles,” he says. “I studied acting for one straight year then also worked at the same time. When I got an offer from Star Cinema and Quantum Films, nagustuhan ko ‘yung projects. so umuwi ako rito and now, I’m glad nag-pick up naman ang acting career ko.”

He’s now in the cast of three new movies. For Vivamax, he did the psychosex comedy, “Sarap Mong Patayin”. He also finished “Runaway” with Maureen Wroblewitz, shot in New Zealand, and he’s now also shooting “Moonlight Butterfly” for Direk Joel Lamangan.

He’s particularly excited by “Sarap Mong Patayin”, directed by Darryl Yap. “I was intrigued when Direk presented the story to me kasi it’s about catfishing in social media and is so intense,” he says. “Ako ‘yung rape victim dito. Hindi ko alam, comedian Lassy Marquez is pretending to be Ariella Arida to get my attention at nilasing niya ako so he can do what he wants with me. Ang realization ko, ang hirap pala ng rape scene. I’ve done love scenes but ibang klase ito kasi para kang naka-drugs. But I’m pleased kasi ang ganda ng outcome and I’m happy with it.”

What is his opinion about catfishing? “It is so wrong and very negative, because we want the world to be a better place pero nanloloko sila ng kapwa nila. So we all have to be careful kasi andaming ganyan ngayon. They will get your trust and attention, then masasaktan ka lang, so you should chat responsibly and be cautious when ayaw i-reveal ng isang tao ang tunay niyang pagkatao.”

Didn’t he have any hesitation in doing the scene where Lassy Marquez violates his body? “No, wala naman akong hesitation kasi in-explain namang mabuti sa’kin ni direk ang mangyayari. Ire-rape ako, at masarap, kasi akala ko, si Ariella Arida ‘yung humahalik sa’kin. Pero ‘yun pala, si Lassy. So I was ready for it, but I’m not sure if he took advantage of me. Siya na lang ang tanungin nyo.”

YapDirek Darryl assures viewers his new film is different

DIREK Darryl Yap says he knows he will be bashed again because of “Sarap Mong Patayin”, specially with the trailer showing comedian Lassy Marquez saying grace before meals before he “eats” the naked body of actor Kit Thompson who is high on drugs.

“This film is not for everybody,” says Direk Darryl. “But if you’re looking for something different, I guarantee you na, ito, walang kagayang ibang pelikula. So I’m really glad that the MTRCB is not into the digital platform kasi, in this movie, I was able to tackle the evil essence of sex, drugs and the internet. Nandito ‘yun lahat.”

What does he think of catfishing in social media? “Masama ‘yun, lalo na if you’d do it for bad or illegal intentions like you want to get money from people and fool them. Okay lang if youre doing it just out of loneliness. People sometimes do that just to have a moment with the people they are fantasizing with.”

Some folks are comparing his movie with “Babagwa” which is also about catfishing. “Yes, they even sent me copies of ‘Babagwa’, but malayo naman kami doon. This is more about sex in the internet and about drugs. The characters are all under the influence of drugs and ang point of view ng viewer, parang naka-drugs din sila. Itatanong nila while watching, ano yun? Bakit ganun? Mawiwirduhan sila, but ang theme talaga ng movie is: what if kung yung nanonood is a drug user? So it’s really something different.”