Kiko turns media influencer, gets 2.5m likes, 250K followers

December 5, 2023 Mario Bautista 236 views

Sharon1MEET the new social media influencer of the Cuneta-Pangilinan household, none other than the much respected former Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

Since he returned to being a private citizen after two successful terms in the senate, Senator Kiko turned to social media to continue his connection with the public and share his timely and relevant advocacies about farming, raising plants and food security.

The husband of the one and only Megastar Sharon Cuneta found lots of followers who regularly read his popular segments called “Hello Pagkain, Goodbye Gutom” in his Facebook, Instagram at Tiktok social media accounts.

This is where he shares valuable and helpful tips about agriculture and the latest trends in taking good cares of plants for the bonafide plantitos and plantitas. He shows how folks can raise their earnings by going into farming and planting their own food.

The response is so great and encouraging. As of now, his Tiktok account has more than 6.1 million likers and and about 250,000 satisfied avid followers.

And his Kiko Pangilinan Facebook account has more than a million followers, while his Instagram account has about 250,000 followers.

He will soon be on the same level as his wife and kids. The Megastar Sharon Cuneta has 1.6 million followers in her @reallysharoncuneta IG account, while his daughter Frankie has 322,000 followers and Miel has 27.5 thousand followers. His step daughter KC Concepcion has 4 million followers.

This demonstrates that there is truth in what some quarters say: “The family who do social media together, stays together and are all happy together.”

In the coming Christmas holidays, they will all have a reunion as a family and spend it together out of the country somewhere in Asia. So let’s all cheer for the CUNETA-PANGILINAN FAMILY and wish them a merry Christmas!