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Kelvin and Kira exude chemistry on the big screen

May 30, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 514 views
Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger paired for the first time in ‘Chances Are, You and I’

THE romantic film, ‘Chances Are, You and I,’ was completed three years ago, with some scenes largely taken in scenic Seoul, Korea, to add visual substance to the story.

Yet, when the young leads – Kelvin Miranda and Kira Balinger – emerged onstage at the premiere night of the film last Tuesday, they looked as if they just wrapped up the romantic drama early this year at the end of winter in Korea.

It was the first time Kelvin and Kira were paired on the big screen. That was a big gamble of the part of Pocket Media Productions, producer of the film, to pair the young stars. But their gamble apparently paid off.

Kelvin and Kira exuded their chemistry on the big screen in their maiden team up. Never mind if they filmed in freezing weather in Korea, they were both charming and cute. Every time they heard the word “Action,” they immediately started the grind. They exhibit their professionalism this early in their respective acting careers.

The premise that the characters of Soleil Sikat or Sol (Kelvin) and Gabriel Sinag or Gabi, were terminally ill was revealed early on in the narrative. In fact, they met in a hospital owned by Gabi’s grandfather (Al Tantay), where they are both seeking for treatment.

However, the film is not focused on their sickness and how they grappled with it. It was more on their journey and how they dealt with life and looked at whatever future they are facing. Only, in opposite ways.

Sol had the bleak and sad outlook, while Gabi approached the reality in a positive way, hoping for a miracle.

Kelvin had a number of lachrymal exercises in his scenes in the film, but he admirably pulled it off without being over-acting or less than perfect, just right.

A Kelvin-Kira fan club has yet to be officially formed. This film was just their first big screen partnership, but their respective followers were in the audience, shrieking and screaming at their sight in the theater or on the big screen.

The young screenwriter, Ellis Camarillo of ‘Chances Are, You and I,’ certainly knew where to take her story interestingly. The film exceeded a little over two hours, but the audience hardly noticed. They were anticipating the romantic reunion of the lead stars.

Ellis loved tossing coins since she was in high school. Hence, the character of Sol acted it out all throughout the film, from the major decisions to the minute details that needed to be made.

Without the bells and whistles, the kilig factor was there, undoubtedly, whenever the lead stars were together onscreen. JK Labajo’s ‘Demonyo,’ that came out in 2017, made it to the soundtrack so that the film and the song mended together.

Singer-actor Gian Magdangal played Kelvin’s dad in ‘Chances Are, You and I,’ his first dramatic acting venture on the big screen. Others in the cast are Tart Carlos, Anne Feo and introducing Korean actor JinHo Bae, who was impressive with the delivery of his Tagalog lines.

It has taken director Catherine “CC” Camarillo more than two decades to make her directorial debut. But it was worth the long wait. Thankfully, she enjoyed the support of her family members, from her husband to her children, in making her first movie undoubtedly a success.

Director CC was also supported by her long-time peers and co-workers when she took the spotlight to unveil her directorial debut.

The premiere night last Tuesday at SM Megamall Cinema 8 was attended not just by direk CC’s family but by big names in the industry – Regal Entertainment producer Roselle Monteverde, directors Olive Lamasan and Lauren Dyogi.

Showbiz stars such as Iza Calzado, JC Santos, Jane de Leon, Kaila Estrada, Amy Austria, Polo Ravales and Aya Fernandez also graced the premiere.

Regal Entertainment distributed /Chances Are, You and I,’ now showing in 138 local theaters nationwide.