Leah Salterio

Kat back, wants to collaborate with new artists

February 29, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 788 views

KatSINOSIKAT band, led by its frontwoman Kat Agarrado, once considered to leave the music scene for good. Kat was simply contented to concentrate on her kid and her family.

She thought of having another baby while being away from the music scene for more than a decade. However, she realized she still has a purpose to fulfill that she’s back to the local music scene performing live onstage and creating original music.

“I just simply couldn’t stop,” Kat attested. “So even if I’m not onstage, I continued writing songs about love. Ballads, mababagal. Sometimes, I would pick a standard song, then I would Tagalize it.”

Obviously, that was not God’s plan for someone whom He has blessed with immense talent.

Kat wants to continue to 20-year-music legacy of SinosiKat. The band was formed in 2004 and has since carved its own niche in the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) landscape.

Kat started singing professionally since she was 16. She has performed with several local bands but maintained musical traction with SinosiKat for more than a decade.

The group disappeared from the local entertainment scene for quite some time, but SinosiKat is back to live performing.

Since 2022, Kat has released solo singles – Sa Iyong mg Mata and Beautiful Kind – under Warner Music Philippines.

With a new album, regular performance schedules and a new single, Heart Calling, to be proud of, SinosiKat is visible anew in the music scene.

“That’s my goal and intention to listen to this kind of music,” Kat said. “Very trendy and mga music ngayon, but ang gusto ko, maging timeless siya, ang music ko. Even if we’re already old, it still feels fresh. You can still relate to it.”

So how has Kat’s artistry evolved through the years. How is her music different now compared wo than when she was younger?

“Before, mas malakas ang rock element sa songs ko,” admitted Kat. “Mas rocker ako noon. Now, it’s a bit sophisticated na. Mas hot compared to before. May rock n’ roll element pa rin, but more polished and mature. In terms of music, I have a musical director now.”

Kat expressed her desire for the music of SinosiKat to reach a wider audience. “I want to bring my music to festivals abroad,” she said. “To reach a wider audience, a younger audience.

“I get to know people in joining music festivals and create my network. They are so amazed with the musicality of Filipinos. Kulang lang sa exposure, especially to reach audiences abroad.

“I want to introduce homegrown, Filipino music to a world-class audience. I performed in Vietnam before and they know a lot of Filipino talents. They know Filipino performers are really good.

They know Rachelle Anne Go.”

Kat wants to reach more international music festivals abroad and a wider audience, younger and build her network there.

She also wants to collaborate with other artists like Lola Amour and their song, Raining in Manila. I love reggae artist Isla (Riddim). I love her voice. There are a lot of other artists I want to work with. They have fresh input and ideas to contribute.”