‘Kampon’ cast ecstatic, give viewers good scare

December 20, 2023 Mario Bautista 671 views

Derek1THE cast of “Kampon” headed by Derek Ramsay and Beauty Gonzalez are understandably ecstatic during the Q&A that followed the screening of their horror film last Monday night.

The press people who attended the event all congratulated them for coming up with an effective fright film that will really give viewers a good scare and even disturbing sleepless nights.

“It’s my first horror movie kaya naman I was apprehensive as to how it would go, so I’m glad the premiere night audience really enjoyed watching it and everyone was screaming at the jump scares,” says Derek.

“Ako naman, first Metro Manila Filmfest entry ko kaya curious din ako to see how viewers would like it and it’s so nice to watch it with them dahil they were all affected and reacting like they’re really terrified by the scary portions,” says Beauty.

Their respective spouses came to support them at the premiere night: Derek’s Ellen Adarna and Beauty’s Norman Crisologo.

“Ellen really wanted to see my love scenes with both Beauty and Zeinab Harake,” says Derek. “She was asking me pa, mamamatay ka ba? I said, just watch. Kinukurot-kurot niya ako during the bedscenes but she’s really a very supportive wife. We were holding hands while watching and she really has no problems with the intimate scenes. She’s also an actress and we’re all professionals here.”

As for Beauty, she says her husband Norman knows the nature of her work as an actress and is very understanding.

“Wholesome naman yung bedscene namin ni Derek. Kissing-kissing lang so he really has nothing to worry about. Mas wild yung bedscene ni Derek with Zeinab na may kagatan pa sila ng labi.”

As a horror flick, “Kampon”, as directed by King Palisoc, really delivers the expected jump scares. It will surely please horror fans. What is truly horrifying here is that all the violent mayhem is performed by a 7 year old little girl, who looks so cute and innocent but is so creepy and powerful as she can give life back to dead people and even make heads explode of other people at will.

Judging from the reaction of the crowd at the Megamall screening, we’d say this movie elicited more screams and gasps compared to that of the horror filmfest entry last year, “Deleter”, which we personally didn’t find that scary, but went on to win best picture in the awards night and even became the filmfest topgrosser.