Julia happy to be reunited with Diego

February 6, 2023 Mario Bautista 332 views


JULIA Barretto and Diego Loyzaga were first paired ten years ago in “Wansapanataym: Petrang Paminta” in 2013. Then they did the primetime drama, “Mirabella”, the following year.

Now, a decade later, they’re together again, but this time on the big screen for the first time, in Viva Films’ endearing romcom, “Will You Be My Ex?” Written and directed by Real Florido (“Habangbuhay” for Vivamax), the film just had its story conference.

It is about Chris (Julia) and Joey (Diego), who first meet in college and become sweethearts. Julia is a fun-loving, impulsive, easy going young woman from a family of artists and theatre actors.

She loves to act.

On the other hand, Joey is a quiet, responsible, introverted young man from a well-to-do and reserved family who becomes a civil engineer. In other words, they are complete opposites, but they somehow fall in love with each other.

But as they go on planning to have a future together, fate intervenes and they get to face some kinks in their relationships that they cannot settle, so they eventually call it quits.

They get to cultivate their own lives and careers but, several years later, they meet again, a bit older and a lot wiser. Looks like time really heals all wounds and their feelings for each other are rekindled.

Can they make it work this time, even if there are some forces in the universe that seem to be against them? Is it still worth to fight for their relationship? Find out when you watch “Will You Be My Ex?” in theaters nationwide a couple of months from now.

The film has a big supporting cast. Bea Binene plays Yanna, Diego’s girlfriend with whom he has become so comfortable. Mickey Ferriols plays Julia’s mom, Divine Aucina as Julia’s best friend, Benj Manalo as Divine’s love interest, Phoemela Baranda as Diego’s carefree mom, Debbie Garcia as a theatre actress who dates Diego, Richie Macapagal as Diego’s dad, Juan Carlos Galano as Julia’s new boyfriend and Ashtine Olviga as Julia’s sister.

We ask Julia how is it to be working with Diego again after such a long time?

“We had fun when we worked before sa ABS, so I’m excited to work with him again as we’ve remained good friends,” she says. “We’re more mature now and I’m glad that our movie has a very interesting story. I really look forward to working with him again and our director, and all the other cast members most of whom ngayon ko lang makakasama.”

Can she relate to her character as Chris? “Actually me and my character, si Christina, are not at all similar except that we both love to act. But her impulsiveness and her maturity level, they are very different from who and what I am now. But I know her as I’ve been in her place before, so I’m looking forward to be in the shoes of Christina in the movie.”