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Jollibee, most endeared restaurant brand; GCash leads financial services – PAHAYAG survey

July 6, 2023 People's Tonight 356 views

THE recent PAHAYAG 2023-Q2 survey assessed the sentiments and preferences of Filipino consumers towards various Filipino brands in the market. The survey, which included responses from a diverse group of participants across different demographics, aimed to gauge the emotional connection and affinity that consumers have towards Filipino brands in specific industries.

The survey showed that out of 31 Filipino Restaurant and Fast Food Chain brands, Jollibee emerged as the top endeared brand at 74% while Mang Inasal secured the second spot with a 31% endearment score, closely followed by Chowking at 20%. Chooks-to-Go and Red Ribbon garnered 13% each, while Goldilocks and Greenwich received 10% endearment ratings. Shakey’s Pizza and Mister Donut also earned notable scores of 8% and 4%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Purefoods emerged as the most endeared food brand, securing a 40% endearment rating. Datu-Puti claimed the second spot at 25%, while Century Tuna and Selecta shared third place with 23% endearment scores. Magnolia garnered a respectable 17% rating, followed by San Miguel Beer at 15%. CDO Meat Products, San Marino, and Tanduay also received noteworthy endearment scores of 14%, 7%, and 4%, respectively.

Out of the 14 Filipino brands evaluated in the health and personal care category, Mercury Drug took the lead with an impressive 67% endearment score. Watson and UNILAB secured second and third place with 51% and 27% endearment ratings, respectively. Bench Body and Bath also earned recognition with an 8% endearment score.

In the telecommunications services category, Globe and PLDT/Smart engaged in a close battle for supremacy, with Globe slightly ahead with a 65% endearment rating, closely followed by PLDT/Smart at 61%. DITO, a new player in the industry, received a modest endearment rating of 16% but has room for growth in terms of purchase and endearment.

Out of 13 Miscellaneous Services Filipino Brands, SM Supermalls tops as the most endeared supermarket and mall chain; followed by Puregold at 28% and Robinson’s at 21%. Additionally, the National Bookstore remains as the most endeared bookstore/school supplies chain despite the pandemic disruption. Additionally, the National Bookstore remains as the most endeared bookstore/school supplies chain despite the pandemic disruption.

Among TV networks, GMA-7 emerged as the most beloved TV network, garnering a 28% endearment rating, closely followed by ABS-CBN and TV5 with ratings of 21% and 10% respectively.

Among 12 Filipino financial services, GCash emerged as the clear leader in the financial services category, securing an impressive 80% endearment rating for digital financial services. Maya (PayMaya) claimed second place with a 22% endearment rating, followed by BDO-Unibank and BPI at 19%. Metrobank also earned recognition with an 11% endearment rating. In terms of trust rating, GCash is the most trusted financial service brand at 57%, followed by Maya (PayMaya) at 26%, BDO-Unibank and Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) both tied at 24% and Metrobank at 17%. Other financial services players have a majority of Filipino voters claiming no basis and indicating no usage or experience of such.

The survey findings highlight the significance of emotional connections and consumer sentiment in the success of Filipino brands. The brands that ranked highly in the survey have demonstrated their ability to establish a deep rapport with consumers, gaining their trust and loyalty in highly competitive markets.

The PAHAYAG 2023 Second Quarter Survey (PQ2) is an independent and non- commissioned survey conducted by PUBLiCUS Asia Inc. between 7-12 June 2023. It is a nationwide purposive survey with 1,500 respondents randomly drawn from a market research panel of over 200,000 Filipinos maintained by PureSpectrum, a US-based panel marketplace with a multinational presence with respondents, and distributed across five geographical areas: National Capital Region (NCR), North Central Luzon (NCL), South Luzon (SL), Visayas (Vis), and Mindanao (Min). Only registered Filipino voters were included in the sample, ensuring that the results accurately represent the sentiments of the voting population.