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Jill Biden to resume face-to-face teaching

September 5, 2021 People's Journal 260 views

AFP, September 5, 2021 — First Lady Jill Biden, who holds a doctorate in education, will resume teaching next week, the White House said Saturday.

She will do so in person, after a year of remote teaching because of the pandemic, The Washington Post reported.

“Can confirm that she starts teaching a new semester next week,” a spokesman for the first lady said in an email.

The Post said the wife of President Joe Biden will teach Tuesdays and Thursdays at Northern Virginia Community College outside Washington for 13 weeks.

Jill Biden started teaching there when her husband was vice president under Barack Obama.

She is the first first lady to combine her professional duties with a job outside the presidency.

She will teach a course in composition, instructing students in how to write academic essays, the newspaper said.

Biden had always made clear she would keep teaching even after arriving at the White House.