Alden Richards

Jasmine’s shocking experience

June 2, 2021 Mario Bautista 213 views

JASMINE Curtis Smith is so lucky. She’s the lone leading lady in the soap she’s now currently doing on lock in taping, “The World Between Us”. No less than two handsome guys are vying for her affection, Alden Richards and Tom Rodriguez.

“Yes, napakasuwerte ko,” she says. “And they are both gentlemen and very good actors. What more can I ask for? I’m thankful to GMA that after ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and ‘I Can See You’, they gave me another great assignment.”

A week before she reported on their lock in set, she moved to a new condo studio unit which she bought seven years ago as an investment. She didn’t live in it for some years and when she finally checked on it, she was shocked to know someone else has occupied it.

She reported this in her social media account: “When I got to the unit, it was LIVED IN. All the plastic sealing of my sinks, faucets etc were torn and with empty bottles, sachets and what nots left behind! They even stole the range and cabinet handles that came with the unit. They changed security and managements a year or two after that incident, so I decided to keep it and not sell anymore. After all, I still am not that knowledgeable with property handling! Plus I thought about how useful this place will be not just for me but for my overseas family visiting in the future. Like my mama who likes being near the shops and cafes. Many many many thanks to @bbcleaningco for disinfecting and cleaning my new city sanctuary!”

So those who buy condo units for investment, be sure you check them every now and then, as somebody else might be occupying it without your knowledge.