Janelle finds acting very challenging

January 14, 2022 Mario Bautista 596 views

Janelle1JANELLE Tee was Miss Earth Philippines 2019. She has been a host on “Chinoy TV” and now she tries going into acting.

“In hosting kasi, you are just being yourself,” she says. “But in acting, you have to leave yourself and be the character you are supposed to play. I find that very challenging at gusto kong matuto pa about it. So I accepted Viva’s offer to do a movie with them.”

Didn’t she mind that the first movie she appears in, “Kinsenas Katapusan”, that starts streaming on February 4, is a sexy drama?

“No, I talked to my mother about it at pinayagan naman niya ako,” she says.

“I’m just grateful to be given the opportunity to do this. It’s a new adventure for me and I just feel that this time, I want to be a serious actress now. I want to break out from that beauty queen mold na nakakahon ka lang.”

And how is her experience so far? “It’s a process. Importante ‘yung you have a tamang mindset and perspective para magawa mo ang role mo nang maayos.”

Does she have sexy scenes? “Yes, may sexy scenes at first time ko. I play Karen, a very aggressive woman. May gusto ako kay Sir Joko Diaz and I won’t take no for an answer, so I will seduce him.”

She didn’t find it difficult to do sexy scenes? “Siempre, nahirapan. I have to learn it, kasi may limitations pa rin naman ako. But mas nahirapan ako sa crying scenes ko. Luckily, tinuruan ako ni Sir Joko how to handle the emotional scenes. Sabi niya, you have to learn feel the moment and then you learn how to go with the flow para matangay ka ng emotions mo. And it worked for me.”