It’s premature

March 19, 2022 People's Tonight 195 views

VARIOUS quarters said the proposal to ease the requirement for people to wear masks outside their homes during “Alert Level 1” should not enjoy public support.

And in the view of many well-meaning Filipinos, including government officials, the main argument against the proposal is the sad experience of some countries.

No less than Health Secretary Francisco “Pingkoy” Duque III, a medical doctor, said we should learn from the experience of these countries, notably in Europe.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases are spreading again in nations, like Australia, Denmark, Germany and France, where mask mandates were “hurriedly” removed.

“So, let’s not rush, let’s be prudent, and let us be guided by our data and science through our expert panels,” said Secretary Duque, who is from vote-rich Pangasinan.

Besides, threats posed by new COVID-19 variants, like Deltacron, are real, according to health experts.

“Hindi masama kung magsuot tayo ng maskara at laging maghugas ng kamay. Walang mawawala sa atin kung sumunod tayo sa mga health protocol,” a village official said.

“Pero ang numero unong dahilan kung bakit patuloy ang pagbaba ng bilang ng mga nagkakasakit ng COVID-19 ay ang tagumpay ng ating vaccination program,” he added.

Without doubt, the government-decreed wearing of mask played a crucial role in the success of the all-out war against the deadly and dreaded COVID-19.

Let’s then continue wearing masks.