Israeli med experts recommend added vax storage hub

June 25, 2021 Edd Reyes 443 views

ISRAELI medical experts recommended an additional storage hub for COVID-19 vaccines that require special handling, as the delivery of Moderna vials is expected on June 27 while 40 million doses of Pfizer by October.

The delegation from the Israeli Ministry of Health composed of Avraham Ben Zaken, Dafna Segol and Adam Segal who visited the Lakeshore mega vaccination hub on Thursday in Taguig City shared their expertise on cold chain and logistics system.

Zaken, who is the deputy director-general of the Ichilov Medical Center and Segal, logistics and operations manager of Salomon Levid & Elstein Ltd., said additional storage hub will not only speed up COVID-19 vaccination but will also accelerate the delivery of the vaccines in Metro Manila.

The Israeli health experts also shared their policy and plan of action that resulted in the effective way of containing virus transmission and reducing active cases within communities.

Mayor Lino Cayetano for his part said that right now, Taguig committed to the vaccination task force a total of 56,800 a week, and because the city government opens its vaccination sites only for six days a week to give health workers one day of rest, the target is to vaccinate 8,000 residents daily.

“On those days, we are set to hit the national target for NCR of 70 percent of our adult population by November and with the help of the DOH and our guest, our target now would be sometime next month to hit 70,000 a week so that we can finish in October. As previously committed, once we finish in October, the city of Taguig, like many NCR local government units, will be open to the rest of the country to help,” Cayetano said.

The mayor is confident that they will hit the October target of 70 percent of the population already vaccinated since they are expecting the steady supply of vaccines by September.