Isko Mayor Isko Moreno says that healthcare remains among his top priorities when he becomes President. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

Isko vows more docs for Pinoys

March 18, 2022 Itchie G. Cabayan 382 views

AKSYON Demokratiko and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno said that he plans to increase the ratio of doctors as against the number of Filipinos when he sits as President of the country.

According to Moreno, he also intends to provide scholarships to 10,000 medical students per year and will work on increasing the salary of nurses and other healthcare workers.

Improving the country’s healthcare system is among the priorities in Moreno’s Ten-Point Agenda and Moreno said that the number of doctors and nurses will be equitably distributed across the country for every Filipino to enjoy the best health care possible.

“Health is a priority among the 10 pillars of the Bilis Kilos Economic Agenda. To improve the country’s health care system, we will build more public hospitals and health care centers throughout the country,” Moreno said.