Introducing: The Sparkada Boys

April 20, 2022 Mario Bautista 3349 views

GMA’S Sparkle launches Sparkada, a combination of Sparkle and barkada, introducing new stars personally chosen by Mr. Johnny Manahan for their potential to be the next big things in local showbiz.

They were formally introduced last Sunday in “All Out Sundays” where they did a musical number. They also star in their own music video: SparkadaMoTo Official Summer Music Video. Their signature theme song is “Kung Ikaw ang Kasama”. There are 17 of them, 9 boys and 8 girls.

The boys are Saviour Ramos, Anjay Anson, Jeff Moses, Michael Sager, Kim Perez, Vince Maristela, Raheel Bhyria, Larkin Castor, Sean Lucas.

The girls are Roxie Smith, Vanessa Pena, Cheska Fausto, Kirsten Gonzales, Caitlyn Stave, Dilek Montemayor, Tanya Ramos, Lauren King. In this column, we’ll present to you the boys first, then the girls in our next column.

SaviourSaviour is 22, the son of actor Wendell Ramos. He sings and is now playing the role of a merman in the mini-series “Raya Sirena”.

AnjayAnjay Anson is 19 and currently plays Jed, the son of Carmina Villarroel in the superhit GMA suspenserye, “Widow’s Web”.

JeffJeff Moses is famous on Tiktok with his song and dance numbers. This moreno guy is a certified hunk with his well-built physique adored by his fans.

MichaelMichael Sager is from Vancouver, Canada. He moved to Manila to pursue his dream in showbiz. This 19 year old chinito has done back up dancing in a Disney show.

KimKim Perez is 23 and has done TV commercials. He sings well and has taken many workshops to develop and hone his talents.

VinceVince Maristela started as a child actor. Now 21, he is a young hunk who’s also into modeling and ready for more mature roles.

RaheelRaheel Bhyria is Filipino-Pakistani and started as a model when he was still a teenager. He is into different sports like basketball, boxing and badminton, to keep him always fit.

LarkinLarkin Castor is 20, has done TV commercials, plays basketball and golf. He sings well and can accompany himself on the guitar.

SeanSean Lucas is a Philippine Science High School graduate and is now taking up industrial engineering. He wants to do romantic comedies because of his unique brand of humor.