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In faith we keep our hopes high

August 20, 2021 Bro. Clifford T. Sorita 660 views

SoritaA GOOD friend of mine, Dr. Ricardo S.D. Ledesma (a known physician and Papal Awardee) emailed to me his recent reflections on our ongoing health crisis which seeks to present both a medical and spiritual approach to our struggles. Allow me to share with you his insights with the hope it could shed some inspiration to these challenges we now face:

While continuously struggling during the seventeen months of confusion, uncertainty, sadness and fear amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our feelings remain helpless … we don’t see the road ahead of us, where it will end and how it will end. Daily COVID-19 data and figures tells us life is getting gloomy and frightening and it is time for us to WAKE-UP. The government authorities made a proclamation that the Philippines is categorized at high risk. That should present ECQ and lockdown be extended for another two to three weeks, the chances of doubling or tripling above figures is imperative. Sad situations are experienced with isolation wards, ICU beds for critical and severe cases and accommodation ward for asymptomatic positive COVID patients in all hospitals all critically falling short. And with the escalating COVID cases aggravated by the entry and rapid spread of DELTA COVID variant, the situation gets complicated and critical.

However, amidst all this gloomy and frightening scenario, let us keep our hopes high. Let us start a paradigm shift with a positive thought that if there was darkness, there would be nothing to light. “And we are the light”. Arising from a sagging situation and shuffling quietly from our bed, let us WAKE-UP and get back to work. Let us set aside our negative attitude. Let us be active parts of government health protocols by wearing face masks, face shields, observing social distancing, proper washing of hands and learn to live a simple healthy habit. And most of all, let us all get VACCINATED. Vaccination is life-saving given at the right time. Getting vaccinated outweighs and overshadows the high risks of being not vaccinated. Latest documented reports show high incidence of severe or critical COVID cases among non-vaccinated asymptomatic hospitalized patients. With the reported DELTA variant, children as young as ten years old have been admitted to hospitals in several regions. This variant is described as more aggressive, super spreader, affects mostly the upper respiratory tract and double virulent. Thus, the need to be vaccinated now.

Let us keep our Faith. Let us be inspired by God’s Words; “God is a loving Father who cares for us.” Allow me to share with you God’s invitation to us today amidst the confusing, tumultuous and scary moments of COVID pandemic. Let us not forget that there is only One Call essential in our life. Let us be enlightened of God’s prophetic messages;

“This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him with Whom I am well pleased down from heaven so that one may eat it and not die.” Our dark experiences with this invisible COVID virus the past fifteen months should take flesh in our daily life activities to prove that we really have listened to our Lord. During any crisis like this pandemic, while we hear many voices telling us “to go here, to go there, to do this and not to do that”, competing with the voice of God. The choice is ours which is to heed. But the Father tells us with His Words “to listen to our Lord”. His voice saves and leads us to Salvation.

During the ECQ period, most establishments, businesses and even churches are locked down. This should not mislead us in our desire to please God. Our churches remain open, its main door and door to the Adoration Chapel. Our parish priest and confession are always available for our spiritual needs. While most of us are unable to go to church regularly and hear mass, let us humble ourselves and pray before our altar at home joining hands as one family, asking God for His graces of healing, protection against this invisible COVID virus and its variants, and forgiveness.

Let us receive Him spiritually during our participation in the Holy Sacrifice of the mass via TV at home. Our receiving Jesus, during mass at home deepens our union with God. It satisfies our deep inner spiritual hunger which only the Bread of Life is offered to us spiritually these hard times. Reciting the Rosary before bedtime aids us in all our necessities with the graces we acquire spiritually. Let us continuously strengthen our Faith in God. With God, nothing is impossible. The power of God, the power of the Cross is much greater than the evil that threatens us with the invisible COVID virus. With our prayers, our faith is gradually strengthened and our trust in Jesus grew firmer even when everything around us seemed getting gloomy and hopeless. Fidelity to our prayers is very important to expect an answer from God.

In a VATICAN News interview, Pope Francis offers advice about how to face the daily challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic: “We need to rediscover the concreteness of small things, the small acts of kindness shown to those who are close to us, family, friends. We need to realize that our treasure lies in small things. There are tiny gestures that sometimes get lost in the routine of everyday life, gestures of tenderness, affection, compassion, that are nevertheless decisive, important”, he says. The Pope gives the examples of sharing “a hot plate of food, a caress, a hug, a phone call… These are familiar, attentive gestures regarding everyday details that make life meaningful, and create communion and communication amongst us”.


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