Veterinary Dr. Maribel Depayso of the Imus City Veterinary Office at the newly opened Imus Animal Impounding and Healthcare Center in Eco Village, Barangay Malagasang 1-G, Imus City, Thursday, September 1, 2022. Photo by Dennis Abrina

Imus City opens new indoor animal pound center

September 1, 2022 Dennis Abrina 1259 views

IMUS CITY, Cavite – The local government of Imus, through the City Veterinary Office, opened Wednesday, August 31, 2022, the new indoor dog pound center that can accommodate around 400 dogs and cats as they intensified their drive on impounding stray animals for a safe community located at the Imus Animal Impounding and Healthcare Center in Eco Village, Barangay Malagasang 1-G here.

According to Dr. Maribel Depayso, head of the City Veterinary Office, The hub was officially opened for services on August 30, 2022, in an interview with this People’s Tonight correspondent.

“Napansin po ng aming local chief executive (LCE) Alex ‘AA’ Advincula na madami ang pagala-galang mga aso at puso sa kalsada, na minsan po ay nagiging sanhi ng vehicular accident, may mga asong nakakakagat ng tao sa kalye and other are mga nagkakalkal ng mga basura,” Dr. Depayso said.

“Alam naman po natin na hindi mga bakunado ng anti-rabies vaccines ang mga ito kaya po natin hinuhuli at dinadala sa impounding center to stop the spread of rabies sa ating lungsod.”

“While the dogs are in the impounding center, Our office welcomes those who want to adopt a dog or cat that we [impound if there’s no claimant], and while the sick ones go through euthanasia in accordance with the city ordinance,” Dr. Depayso continued.

Dogs caught wandering are brought to the impound center with a fine of P2,00 if the dog is not vaccinated, P500 for the impounding fee, and an additional P1,000 if the dog has no leash, for a total of P3,500.

“The City Veterinary Office assesses each dog for adoption and euthanasia because our cages will be full as there are animal shelters that have partnered with Imus LGU [local government unit] to adopt dogs that are netted,” Dr. Depayso pointed out.

“We are calling all pet owners to be responsible to your pets, [and] have them vaccinated yearly with rabies. All you have to do is bring them to our office or to the nearest venue during [free] mass rabies vaccination in your barangay. Most of all, don’t let them roam freely outside your house; they may contract rabies and other diseases or die due to accidents or fights with other dogs,” Dr. Depayso said.

“There would be no stray dogs or cats, only if we are responsible pet owners. There should be no pound only if we are ‘responsible’… The root cause of all is irresponsible pet ownership, so everyone, let’s promote responsible pet ownership, and that will start within our homes,” the city veterinarian said.

The said office also accepts anti-rabies vaccination, consultation/check-up, spay and neuter services, pet adoption, pet microchipping, and specimen collection (blood/oropharyngeal swab) for travel requirements.