Hunting For America’s Dead Aliens…If They Ever Existed

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Nick Redfern March 6, 2022

Today’s article is a look at the controversial matter of whether or not the U.S. Government has hidden away nothing less than the preserved bodies of aliens from wrecked UFOs. Certainly, there’s no lack of claims of such things. The same goes for the many and varied friend-of-a-friend-type tales that swarm around the UFO scene. And, there’s no doubt that the one man – more than any other – who dug deep into tales of crashed UFOs and dead aliens was the late Leonard Stringfield. He put together a wealth of stories – and “status reports” – between the 1970s and the 1990s, and that showed the incredible number of cases on record. It should be noted, however, that “cases on record” doesn’t mean hard evidence. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that Stringfield worked hard and – despite what the skeptics suggested – nearly all of Stringfield’s sources’ names are now available. And, aside from the occasional hoaxes, his whistleblowers were sincere. It wasn’t just tales of dead aliens that intrigued Stringfield. He was also determined to try and find the potential locations where extraterrestrials might be hidden away.

Alien1(Nick Redfern) Dead aliens stored underground somewhere in the USA?

A look at Stringfield’s studies makes it clear that most of the alleged bodies were said to have been hidden underground. But, where underground, exactly? That’s the problem we have facing us. Certainly, there are a few possibilities. One of them was NORAD: the North American Aerospace Defense Command. As NORAD rightly says: “Over the last three decades, our nations’ competitors and potential adversaries have developed advanced capabilities in all domains to challenge us at home and across the competition continuum. The new NORAD and USNORTHCOM Strategy provides a clear roadmap for the United States and Canada to defend North America and protect our nations’ critical infrastructure.” The facility is buried within a mountain and there are more than a few underground areas in NORAD. An interesting NORAD-themed account surfaced from ufologists Kevin Randle and Don Schmitt. Of one insider source, who had worked at NORAD, the pair said he had an opportunity to see some amazing documentation: “In the course of computerizing some of the files, he came across one labeled: USAAF (United States Army Air Force) Early Automation. The file dealt with the recovery of several small bodies and included black and white photographs of them. The man said the bodies were small, no more than four or five feet tall, with big heads.”

NORAD(U.S. Government) The doors to NORAD. This photo was taken by an employee of the U.S. Government. It is in the public domain.

Now, let’s have a look at the world’s most “famously secret” base where alien remains might be hidden away.

MapArea 51 site map, as depicted in declassified CIA documents released via its CREST program (Credit: Commons).

How about Area 51? In an article titled “How Area 51 Works,” Jonathan Strickland and Patrick J. Kiger say: “Some allege that what you can see on the surface is only a tiny part of the actual facility. They believe that the surface buildings rest on top of a labyrinthine underground base. Others claim the underground facility has up to 40 levels and that it is attached via underground railways to other sites in Los Alamos, White Sands and Los Angeles.” There’s no doubt that Area 51 – with its underground areas and its 24/7 tight security – would be the ideal situation to keep a bunch of pulverized, dead ETs. If such things exist. Now, onto Utah’s Dugway Proving Ground – a facility perhaps even more secret than the aforementioned Area 51. Situated less than ninety miles from Salt Lake City, the DPG covers a massive amount of Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert. The origins of the facility date back to the 1940s. It was in early February 1942 – and in the wake of the events at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – that then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed a degree that effectively handed over to the War Department more than 100,00 acres of Utah land – on which what is now the Dugway Proving Ground would be built. And the War Department set about not just constructing the base itself, but significantly-sized underground bunkers and facilities, too.

In a thread at the Above Top Secret website, one commentator said they had heard of “stories about installations being built to the South of Wendover, Nevada which is West of Dugway and also very, very remote. There are stories of a 17-story building underground out there.” And, Others speak of deep and massive tunnels that link the Dugway Proving Ground with a variety of Utah-based military facilities. Former employees talk about huge elevators that transport people to lower-levels of the base; the rumors are that there no less than eight levels below the surface area – all engaged in highly-classified work and all having the ability to withstand a nuclear strike, even a direct one. All of these locations would have been perfect to hide a crumpled alien corpse or several – and, maybe, hidden for decades. Certainly, there are such claims. In this strange hall-of-mirrors known as “Ufology,” however, we can’t be sure of anything. Unless, that is, you know better

DugwayInside the top-secret Dugway proving ground – in pictures
Inside the 800,000-acre US military facility in the Utah desert, staff test some of the deadliest biological and…

Utah(Nick Redfern) Secrets Hidden in Utah?