How Direk Mac handles his actors

April 20, 2023 Mario Bautista 647 views

Sex1DIRECTOR Mac Alejandre is one of the most prolific filmmakers of Vivamax. After “Bela Luna” where he got a fine performance from Angeli Khang in a dual role, he now gets to direct Sheree Bautista and Azi Acosta as the female leads in “Sex Games”, as written by National Artist Ricardo Lee.

“One year nang nakabanko ang story nito and when we presented it to Viva, they approved it and we fought for the cast,” he says. “Sheree appeared in ‘Nerisa’ that Ricky also wrote and she told him, sana I can get to do another movie with you. So for ‘Sex Games’, naisip ni Ricky si Sheree na bagay sa role ng Debbie, the wife who is adventuruous in bed. So we contacted her but she was in the USA, hindi raw siya puede.

But when she read the script, she was convinced to come home from Virginia and do it.”

How about the other members of the cast? “Si Josef worked with me in ‘Wag Mong Agawin ang Akin’ and I saw mahusay siya. I never forgot him and I pictured him in the role of the husband. Si Azi, I’ve worked with her in ‘Selina’s Gold’, so I know na magaling siya. Si Benz naman was suggested by Viva, so na-complete ang cast namin.”

He stresses that all of them play leading roles. “‘Sex Games’ has four major characters. Yung older couple who conduct the sex games and the younger couple that they seduced. Azi is a religious girl who serves in church while Benz is a seminarian, pero inakit sila nina Josef and Sheree para sumali sa kanilang sex games. Bilib ako sa kanilang lahat. They really worked hard. Hindi madali gawin ang script lalo na yung bedscenes nilang apat. But they all performed well, lalo na sa climax, it was so demanding but hindi sila bumitaw.”

He singles out Sheree for her dedication to her role. “Nakakabilib ang commitment niya as Debbie. When Ricky came to visit us, he saw Sheree’s breakdown scene at tuwang tuwa siya. Sabi niya, Sheree is really good. Buti we got her for the role of Debbie.”

Mac also got Andrea del Rosario, his star in “May December January” to have a special participation as apsychiatrist. “It was Ricky who suggested, get Andrea. But she was taping for a soap so we waited for her hanggang ma-free ang schedule niya. And we had fun.”

We ask Azi and Benz how they felt doing their respective roles. “Very difficult role ito for me kasi I haven’t tried doing sex games in real life,” she says. “I believe in love but not in doing sex games. I believe bawat isa should respect each other at kung love nyo talaga isa’t isa, hindi na kailangan ang sex games.”

“This is also my most challenging for me,” says Benz. “Mabait ako rito. Ako yung inaapi. At drained talaga ako sa mga eksena ko. Pigang piga ako. First time ko na nagkaroon ng acting coach. Dati, basta naiarte ko ang isang eksena, okay na ito. But dito, kahit walang dialogue, itinuturo nila ang nuances na dapat ipakita ko. So I’d say na mas naging disiplinado ako.”