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Historic win

March 31, 2022 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 377 views

PRESIDENTIAL frontrunner Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos is well on his way to a historic , massive and unstoppable victory in the coming May 9 elections.

This, after latest results of Kalye Surveys showed that the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas standard-bearer has ranked first in 60 out of 67 provinces.

The figures were based on the tabulation of all Kalye Surveys conducted all over the country as of March 24, where Marcos garnered a commanding lead of 83,168 or 61.1 percent preference vote.

Leni Robredo was a far second, with 13,776 or 10.1 percent who was followed by Isko Domagoso, with 10,232 or 7.5 percent.

Manny Pacquiao is at fourth, with 8,764 or 6.4 percent; Panfilo Lacson ranked fifth, with 3,350 or 2.5 percent.

The respondents in all the Kalye Surveys, conducted from October last year up to March 24, totaled 135,406, with the undecided pegged at 12.4 percent.

SPLAT Communications, an information and statistical data provider works with consulting firm Simplified Strategic Solutions (SSS) to produce the Kalye Survey tabulations.

SPLAT also gathered from the same data that Marcos ranked first in 60 out of 67 provinces with available data.

The lowest rank he got was third, but only in one province; while he ranked second in six provinces.

The Kalye Surveys were conducted in 81 provinces but data from only 67 provinces had been uploaded at the time of tabulation.

Robredo ranked first in five provinces, namely Albay, Antique, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, and Sorsogon.

She ranked second in 23 provinces, third in 19 provinces, fourth in 16 other provinces, and fifth in five others.

Pacquiao, meanwhile, ranked first in two provinces, Davao Occidental and Sarangani. He was second in 26 provinces, third in 17 provinces, fourth, in 17 provinces, and fifth in six others.

Moreno and Lacson did not rank first in any of the provinces.

“How can the leading presidential aspirant who has the highest preference shares and ranked first in 60 out of 67 provinces with available data be beaten? In what alternate reality can that be possible?” SPLAT said.

The data provider also reproached sectors that are questioning the Kalye Surveys, including the tabulations and analysis they present to the public, reminding them that disagreeing with their presentation does not give them the right to be rude, disrespectful, or to bully anybody.

“We would like to reiterate that we are not forcing anyone to believe the results that we present as well as our analysis. Being disagreeable does not give anyone the authority to disrespect or even bully anyone. Everyone is free to agree or disagree but being in a disagreement does not grant anyone the right to be rude to anyone. It just goes to show the kind of person that you are and the kind of candidate you support,” SPLAT said.

“We reiterate that the results we present are based on the cumulative Kalye Survey results nationwide. Those who say that the results are fake, we challenge you to undertake the tabulation yourself to find out if we are releasing the correct data. The data we present are available anytime from the videos from all the channels and vlogs who have conducted surveys face-to-face with full video documentation uncut from end-to-end,” it added. With Blessie Amor Vicente and Joanne Rosario (OJTs)