‘Hilom’ delves into coping and healing from past pain 

June 1, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 303 views

How do you cope and heal when faced with pain? Do you drown yourself in sorrow and let it consume you until it no longer does? Do you turn to vices and indulge yourself with temporary happiness? Do you travel to escape and discover more about yourself? Or do you run to others, family or friends, to make you feel that you are not alone?

This June, witness how a young man mends his broken heart with the help of a stranger he meets by fate.

Hilom premieres on Vivamax today, June 2.

Sam (Arron Villaflor) is a go-getter and plans everything out.

Now in his prime years, he is in his best life and a long-term, almost perfect relationship. Everything is going well for the young man, and Sam can’t wish for anything more.

But all these changes in a snap when his girlfriend of 10 years rejects his marriage proposal and breaks up with him. This incident leaves Sam devastated and messed up to the point that he considers ending his life.

No amount of sleep or any dose of pills could take away Sam’s sadness, so to help ease his mind, his friends take him to a beach resort to escape and free himself from overthinking his burdens.

This is where he meets Sammy (Christine Bermas), a free-spirited, carefree woman and an aspiring food vlogger.

Being opposites, Sam and Sammy will find it hard to have their common ground first, but their experiences in love and broken hearts will make them meet halfway and see that they have more things in common than they thought.

Sammy gives Sam a Lucky 9 list on how to move on, the same list she used to move on from her ex.

As Sammy helps Sam move on, they also start falling for each other.

Is Sammy the one who’ll make Sam finally forget about his tragic past? Or will she be just another life lesson that Sam should move on from?

Get ready for the twists, turns and surprises of the story, for it may seem like a typical boy meets girl plot, but the film is so much more than that.

Directed by multi-genre director GB Sampedro, take yourself into a journey that will let you heal from the past.

Hilom premieres on Vivamax today, June 2.