Hero business cart project starts rolling

January 23, 2022 People's Journal 158 views

FOR many poor families, having a small store where they can sell food or other items is a godsend. Ambulant vendors can earn enough in a single day that they would not have to worry about where their next meal would be coming from. However, having a cart where they could sell their wares is a financial investment that few can afford.

Quezon City 4th District councilor Hero Bautista hopes to help these families with the Hero Business Cart project. Under this endeavor, indigent families living in the barangays comprising the district can apply for the chance to be given a food cart on wheels which can be used to sell a variety of goods. These business carts are fabricated out of metal and attached to a bicycle, making it both durable yet easy to transport. They also come with a pan and a portable stove so that owners can sell hot food onsite.

Councilor Bautista recently gave out a total of 144 Hero Business Carts last January 20 and 21, bringing the total of carts that were donated to deserving individuals to nearly 350 units. Councilor Bautista emphasized that these carts are now fully-owned by the recipients and they will not have to pay anything to the local city government.

“All I want in return is that they use the cart well and take care of it. I want the carts to help them find a livelihood. It’s no joke to have lost a job during the pandemic with nothing to fall back on. Hopefully through this project, we’d be able to give them the means to provide for themselves and their families,” Councilor Baustista shared. ~ Robbie Pangilinan